Sostenibilitat i durabilitat

    • Honest materials

      Every wonderful design in our collection is made from nature’s favourite materials and we are very selective about where and how every sourced material is produced. We don’t just want to ensure quality at every turn, we also want to be satisfied with every piece, knowing it comes with a clear conscience, both ethically and environmentally.

    • OEKO-TEX

      Most of our furniture fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, securing clean and safe materials, produced under social and environmentally sound conditions.

    • Bergo fabric

      The Bergo fabric is made from 98% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, with the beauty of textiles, but the durability of polyester.

    • FSC™-certified wood

      All Bolia wood is FSC-certified and adheres to the EU timber regulation. This ensures not only the highest quality but also replanting and sustainable forestry together with good and safe working conditions for everyone involved.

    • Traceable, Italian leather

      All our leathers are produced without any use of synthetic or harmful compounds and are all traceable, securing top notch quality and animal welfare

    • Ocean fabric

      The Ocean fabric is produced solely from excess materials from the oil industry and is manufactured without the use of water in the production, which makes Ocean a beautiful sustainable choice.