The jury have selected their favorite proposals from this years Bolia Design Award and now it’s time for you to vote for yours.


1st prize - 40.000 DKK (€5,400)      2nd prize - 30.000 DKK (€4,000)

3th prize - 20.000 DKK (€2,700)      Customer’s prize - 10.000 DKK (€1,350)


Johannes Lindner

The Normad chair follows the idea of a very simple and reduced but modern chair and is a fusion between tradition and innovation. The chair refers to an old traditional farmers chair with its simplicity and stringiness.

This elegant interpretation of a chair based on the Scandinavian design tradition with its matter for simple forms and good quality. Normad exudes Scandinavian lightness and matches it with the modern urbanity - where there is a requirement for functionality and flexibility - and where aesthetics play a central role.

The chair Normad can be used very flexible for example as a dining chair or a single chair in the porch. The prominent horizonal element of the back enable a very easy movement of the chair and can invite you to overhang your coat. The seate is out of moulded oak or ask veneer in natural and black.

Gosia Hinz


Open and closed spaces are the contradictions that constitute the essence of architecture. Isolation is conducive to rest, self-reflection and concentration that are necessary to achieve mental and spiritual comfort. A closed, individual space gives the human a sense of security and allows him to identify with it. In turn, open spaces support a sense of freedom, creativity and process of integration with the society. There is no golden rule, which simply says what kind of space we need to live comfortably. Comfort is a variable mixture of physical, emotional and intellectual feelings depending on each other, which makes it impossible to measure.

 I decided to beat the dualistic problem of human's space needs by creation the possibility of interior's personalisation. I designed a compact screen- NANASHI.

Dressing room's spaces are often replaced by wardrobes with clothes. However, there is a lack of space where you can feel comfortable in daily intimate activities. In addition of being women's assistant, Nanashi can play the role of mood lighting or temporary partition wall. Besides that, there are also hangers and a mirror that can easily pop-up from the wooden part of the furniture. Thanks to its small size after folding, easily fits to the car's trunk or wardrobe.

To find an inspiration for form of my screen, I decided to make an mind-map. It led me from word SCREEN through JAPAN, so -of course- GEISHA was the very next one and finally- HAND FAN. This inspiration was perfect for my previous establishment- small, light-weight and light- looking form. The biggest challenge of this project was to find perfect material for huge fan and find the way of its smooth folding.


Christian Hammer Juhl

10: 1 is a series of furniture consisting of a sofa, a lounge chair and a stool. The furniture is made from special dense foam that allows it to be compressed down to 10% of its original size under vacuum. This makes it more sustainable to transport the furniture from industry to store, and easier to move from store to home, and home to home.

The furniture is inspired by the effect of globalization on our increasing mobility, and the impact of urbanization on the decreasing size of our living spaces. 10:1 hopes to accommodate these new ways of living by creating ease in our nomadic lifestyle where we move from place to place, or may change the living spaces in our home.

The property of the furniture also fits our globalized ways of production, where things are being produced far away from where it is being sold. 10:1 offers the possibility of minimizing our carbon footprint by not transporting air across the globe.

Gunnar Nygren


Sleep. A vital part of our existence. Despite its importance a well thought out bedroom hasn’t been the priority in the world of design. But the interest is growing. The effect of a rested body and mind is not to be underestimated. That’s why I designed Bean. For everyone’s special and intimate place. Bean replaces bare light bulbs hanging in the middle of bedrooms surrounded by void.



Santiago Bautista

Reading a book, having a coffee, watching a show, taking a nap... a sofa is much more than just a furniture for seating. And yet, with such a flexible nature, its design remains to be very rigid, symmetric and confined. Pebble is an experiment that aims to rethink the traditional configuration of a sofa and explore the possibilities of this object. 

The main idea was to create a fun and dynamic element that will extend beyond its boundaries embracing the adjacent furniture and inviting the user to find their preferred spot... Just as we would do on a pile of rocks in nature.

Ewa Kurowska


Latti is a simple sideboard cabinet that is very functional for storage and display. Inspired by Scandinavian tambour-style door cabinet I wanted to create very simple and contemporary piece. The exterior sides of the unit are composed of linked, wooden, rounded slats that are fixed to a wooden surface base. The piece features 2 push-open hinged doors revealing plenty of interior storage for any goodies.

0.6 chair

Joachim Froment

Europe and North America account for about two thirds of the global production and consumption of sawnwood (which hovers at 5OO million cubic meters a year) with an estimated $40 trillion according to an FAO report. In the last 300 years we have cut about 40% of global forests following WWF. Based on historical trends, the production and consumption of wood products are expected to increase. OECD speak about a Wood harvesting grew by 20% between 1980 and 2008. Across the board, wooden chairs weigh between 6 and 15kg, which means that it is important to design long-lasting products and reduce the quantity of wood per product to counterbalance this market trend.


How to design strong wooden furniture with a minimum amount of wood? Laminated wood has been developed in the 1950s with Eames chairs and has shown great mechanical improvements for decades since. However, wood consumption since the 1950s has also drastically increased. We need to improve and design better with less material. 0.6 Chair is a dining chair and café chair with a new process of laminated wood. A combination of wood veneer and carbon fibre fabric highly reinforces the whole structure and brings down the thickness of this chair to only 0.6mm. Structural curves and angles in the design help this chair being incredibly strong and only requires 3 to 5 wooden veneers (depending of the thickness of the chosen veneer) with a total weight of under 2kg.


The aim of this project was to create a piece with a mini- mum of material, a product often used but that manifest the fragility of our ecosystem and the preciosity of material. This chair is designed to be light, robust and that last longer.

Sofie Genz

Hibernation Rug

Hibernation Rug is a woven rug consisting of wool, paper and silk. It combines different weaving technics, which create a 3-dimensionel surface. The rug is designed for the floor, and made as a decoration piece for the living room. The materiality of the rug contributes to a warm and pleasant atmosphere to the room.