The new collection

Bid a warm welcome to a new spring collection. To a collection that invites lighter colours, inspired by nature and designed for you. Explore the beautiful new products below and immerse yourself in a brand-new calm and light design universe.

New arrivals: Sofas & armchairs

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New arrivals: Dining room

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New arrivals: Coffee tables

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New arrivals: Outdoor

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An outdoor breathing space

We believe that when we surround ourselves with lovely objects and beauty, we create a space where both our eyes and mind can find rest. And for us, nature is the biggest source of inspiration and tranquility. That's why the spring collection offers new designs for outdoor use and invites nature inside a homely setting. So that you can create green breathing spaces and small sanctuaries with nature as the focal point.

New arrivals: Office

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New arrivals: Lamps

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The Work from Home Collection

The four walls of a home need to provide office space as well as a dining area. This is where we combine our family life and working life, and this places demands on the design, functionality and aesthetic impression. But it also creates exciting new opportunities, which is why all designs in our new Work from Home Collection have been created with a multifunctional purpose in mind. Each design effortlessly solves new and old needs, and is pleasing to both the eye and mind.

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New arrivals: Green Living

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New arrivals: Kitchen

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New arrivals: Accessories

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We are proud to present Stay. A chair that clarifies and emphasises our sustainable ambitions. Stay is sustainable in the purest sense of the word. The chair is supplied in a flat pack design in separate parts, which both reduces the transport of air and offers replacement of used parts as the years progress. Stay is also made from sustainable FSC-certified wood with a classic reference to simple design language. A design that looks back and forwards at the same time.

Flat packed

Stay can be dismantled and transported in a flat pack design. This enables us to transport far more packages at the same time, thus minimising the transport of air. We're pretty excited about this.

FSC certification

Naturally, the Stay chair is also FSC-certified, which ensures that the wood comes from responsible forestry. Through our membership of FSC Denmark, we help to promote responsible forestry around the world.

Inspired by nature

The nature around us is our biggest source of inspiration. Its colours, nuances, authentic materials and the intuitive and instant tranquility you can experience here. And that's the idea behind our new spring collection, where each design seeks to rediscover and recreate that unique tranquility.

We collaborate with the most talented designers from around the world, and twice a year we create something new and extraordinary together. This year is no exception. Meet the designers behind our spring collection here.