The new collection

Beautiful vases in different designs, sizes and heights, candleholders and aesthetic baskets for storage. All inspired by nature's tranquility, atmosphere and honest materials. Explore all new accessories below.

Racquet is a series of handcrafted mirrors designed by Oliver Schick and is made of steam bended wood curved around the actual mirror. An intricate technique making each mirror completely unique with an elegant and still playful expression. The series is inspired by the format of tennis rackets, shown in the beautiful peak. An elegant and organic design made from premium quality materials.

Ripple Series

Ripple is a series of beautiful mirrors with an architectural gaze. Each mirror is inspired by the semi-circular arched windows that suited the Romanesque era. A subtle imitation with an elegant modern touch. The mirrors are designed to work as independent standalone pieces and as a creative row of reflecting mirrors. Made from elegant and durable materials, Ripple will dress your interior for years to come.

Soft Collection Curtain

Add a touch of luxury to your everyday life with high-quality curtains that ads a soothing effect to your interior. Made from linen and cotton in soft colours and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, the curtains embrace you home and is perfect for creating a small hideaway and safe-haven.

Falda is designed by Ferriani Sbolgi and is a beautiful series of candleholders. With clean lines and an almost architectural design language, Falda is playful yet understated. Each candleholder is made from durable stoneware with different colours allowing for an alluring appearance to any space.  


Grove is a series of flowerpots designed to create small green breathing spaces in your home. The distinctive shape of the pots is cleverly created to give any plant optimal living conditions, while the calming aesthetic is designed not to steal attention, but rather compliment the plant it houses. A thought-through design made from natural and long-lasting materials that ages gracefully and balances beauty and meaning in an effortless manner.

The designer behind Una, Kateryna Sokolova, made the series with a clear ambition and desire to create that one perfect vase that fits all types of bouquets. And, Una was born. Different shapes, sizes and heights that creatively can be combined and subsumed in one another. The oval cylindrical shapes fit inside the rounder shaped vases, giving you heaps of freedom while still achieving that one goal she set out with; to create a vase fitted for all flowers in any shape, form and height.

Forma is a series of crafted tableware, beautiful vases and bowls all with a distinctive and high-quality expression. Each piece fuses a square base with a rounded top, offering a harmonious and yet playful expression to the series. Forma is inspired by the minimalist Japanese design language and rich traditions and handcrafted from durable stoneware for a timeless appeal that will outlast trends and tendencies.

Coming soon: Gap Planter

Gap is a series of planters, designed by the German design duo, BÖTTCHER & KAYSER. The idea behind the design was to create something aesthetically appealing with a clear function and purpose. That’s why Gap is stackable, allowing a green landscape in different heights and levels to emerge. The characteristic chamfer gives the design a slimmer exterior elevated by the cylindric voluminous top. Gap comes in different colours, surfaces and sizes, giving you artistic license.

Coming soon: Net Series

Net is a series of elegant, practical and aesthetic baskets that can both serve as practical bags and aesthetic elements in your interior design. Net is inspired by the traditional 'Alutiiq' wicker method, which was invented and used by natives in Alaska, where baskets are traditionally used for transporting herring. Net is therefore an elegant tribute to tradition and craftsmanship. The baskets are made of seagrass, which gives the design a distinctive and natural look. The series is available in several different sizes, which all have a light wicker design.