The new collection

Durable stoneware, stainless steel and soft placemats. The new spring collection features beautiful, elegant and minimalistic designs for the table, all characterised by a clean, durable and luxurious quality. Like the Lightweight series, which consists of elegant kitchen utensils that make everyday life easier and add a stylish and atmospheric edge to the table. See all new arrivals below.

Fluent Cutlery

Designed by Yonoh Creative Studio

Fluent is an elegant series of crafted cutlery with an embracing and timeless design language. The soft grip and slender looks are complimented by a clean silhouette that is suitable for any occasion. The series is made from high-quality stainless steel, allowing for many years in elegant company. Designed by the Spanish duo, Yonoh Creative Studio, Fluent is a light design in both exterior and in use.

See Fluent Cutlery

Designed by Büro Famos 

Let is a series of kitchenware and utensils that offer a stylish expression to your home. Made from solid steam bended beech, the characteristic crafted exterior and curves are formed. The inspiration behind Let was traditional spoons and spatulas that hold distinctive crafted details, where each shape is carefully considered and formed to give each design optimal and long-lasting conditions and unique traits

Forma Tableware series

Designed by Ferriani Sbolgi

Forma is a series of crafted tableware, beautiful vases and bowls all with a distinctive and high-quality expression. Each piece fuses a square base with a rounded top, offering a harmonious and yet playful expression to the series. Forma is inspired by the minimalist Japanese design language and rich traditions and handcrafted from durable stoneware for a timeless appeal that will outlast trends and tendencies.


The Arcs series is a beautiful collection of distinctive tableware and vases made by hand making each piece completely unique. The delicate porcelain is of the highest quality, adding a timeless touch and a hint of classic to the series, while the soft, organic shapes, calming colours and hard-wearing porcelain present a uniform expression across all individual items.