The new collection

The spring collection has several new lamp designs, including Reflection. An alluring lamp series that plays with light and impressions, and instinctively leaves you with the feeling of being close to a classic.

Reflection Series

Designed by Asger Risborg Jakobsen

Born with the idea and aspiration to create something simple, elegant and timeless that embraces and highlights the basic features of a lamp, namely the light source and the shade, Reflection came to life. The designer behind, Asger Risborg Jakobsen, decided to bring forth and separate the two basic components from one another, giving a beautiful reflection and play between the shade and the soft light source. A beautiful design with a timeless and still lively feel.

Designed by Michael H. Nielsen 

Donut is a rechargeable outdoor lamp designed by Michael H. Nielsen. The elegant design is inspired by the shape of the famous American cake, and the concept is to create a mindful lamp with a clear function and practical aesthetics. Donut can be switched on and off with a quick hand movement and provides up to 24 hours of light when fully charged.