Elegant storage furniture

Your home should have room for all your belongings, big or small, and this requires storage space. The right storage furniture makes it easy to create order and accentuate that airy feeling of space and well-being in your home. So it's up to you what you'd like to show off and what you'd prefer to stash away.

Designed by Arnau Reyna Studio

Tailor-made storage that fits seamlessly into your interior. Neutra is a flexible and minimalist shelving system designed by Spanish Arnau Reyna Studio, inspired by Richard Neutra’s functionalist architecture. Made to last in combinable modules that give you the freedom to design your shelving exactly as you please.

Discover the Neutra shelving system

Cana tall cabinet

Designed by Steffensen & Würtz

The Cana series’ airy lightness now includes a a tall cabinet that can be hung on the wall. Steffensen & Würtz designed the series with references to the Scandinavian coast, with finely woven and light, FSC®-certified oak.

Unio Office

Designed by Bøttcher & Kayser

A place to store and display knick-knacks and stationery. The Unio trays are designed by the German design duo Bøttcher & Kayser and handmade from solid, FSC®-certified oak with a rounded, cut-out shape that beautifully shows off the craftsmanship process. Available in several sizes that can be stacked and arranged inside each other.


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