Black Friday

We've been looking forward to Black Friday all year. So, we've decided to take it a step further and celebrate Black Week. This means that all week long from November 22nd until November 28th, you'll be greeted by exclusive offers in all of our 70 Bolia stores and in our online universe at

This year, our offers are exclusively available by signing up for our newsletter. Sign up today and be the first to learn about all our special offers. Naturally our offers apply on too, and all our designs, including our Black Week offers, are produced using the greatest respect for functionality, comfort, durability and the environment.

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Get ready for Black Week

If you're getting ready for this year's Black Week, we have a few great tips you can use when shopping at E.g. by using the function ”Save for later”, you can prepare yourself by making your own wishlist. When Black Week starts, you can just move your designs from wish to basket – in just one click. You can also use the function to compare sofas, so you end up with the perfect one for you, or as a 1:1 shopping list you can bring with you to your nearest Bolia store.


Black Week for the design lover

Black Friday – the day when you can make your design dreams come true – and many of them. All our designs are produced with the greatest respect for functionality, comfort, durability and the environment. And of course, that applies to all our Black Friday offers too.

Every year, one Friday in November, Black Friday is let loose. Originally an American event, we Danes have embraced it with open arms and deep pockets. One day, which has gradually developed into a week, and in some cases lasts for a whole month. No matter how long Black Friday lasts, you can be sure of one thing: great offers. Great offers are the core of Black Friday, and many people use the day to make a headstart on their Christmas shopping or as an excuse to buy the sofa they've been dreaming about for several months.


Sustainability at Bolia

Sustainability is the starting point for every new product. All the way from the design to the materials, packaging, transportation and to the final piece, we are making many sustainable decisions. But the one we believe matters the most; is designing beautiful products that are built to last for many years. That is why our furniture designs are made by hand at some of Europe’s finest manufacturers and are rigorously tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas in Germany, the world’s leading quality certification agency.


90% of our collection is produced in Europe by local manufacturers and furniture upholsterers who have worked in their professions for generations. Our manufacturers prioritise the use of natural and sustainable production, with many using solar power and residual waste as their primary energy sources.

Our designs are made for the picky, the choosy, the quality conscious and the socially aware. Because that’s our whole philosophy right there; Our designs are tailor-made just for you by some the finest craftsmen in Europe. You can have each design however you want it, by choosing your favourite model in the perfect size. Made from your preferred sustainable material in the most beautiful fabric and colour.

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