A beautiful balance between comfort and aesthetics

A beautiful balance between comfort and aesthetics

Inspired by authentic materials, sustainable options and tranquil colours based on the changing seasons of nature, we are passionate about creating beautiful designs that can follow you for many years to come. Designs that allow you peace of mind and give you an oasis where you can slow down – even for a moment.


Aya is a beautiful range of modular sofas and poufs that radiate luxury and meticulous details in the most accessible and inviting way. With large, comfortable cushions and a welcoming softness, it creates a safe refuge where you can always go whenever you need a breathing space. This is exactly what makes the design's personality stand out in a beautiful interplay between comfort and aesthetics, giving Aya an almost iconic character.



The series is designed by the Danish design duo, Says Who, with a clear desire to combine luxurious design language with artistic freedom and good, solid craftsmanship. And with its beautiful silhouette, rich detailing and meticulous stitching, Aya does exactly that. And more besides. The sofa is designed with a removable cover, so you can always show off its best and cleanest side – while ensuring a long lifetime too.

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Bolia Aalborg - A historic location

A beautiful reinterpretation of the sofa bed