A long lifetime

All designs in our collection are created from a sustainable starting point, and designed from nature's most durable and authentic materials. And behind every design is a creative soul whose heart beats to reinterpret Scandinavian design aesthetics in a classic form that isn't influenced by fleeting fads or contemporary trends – and this is exactly what the design series Stay expresses.


Stay is a beautiful series of chairs designed by Danish Andreas Lund. He has been inspired by the techniques behind traditional wood craftsmanship, which is showcased in the chair's uniquely harmonious and streamlined design. The robust construction, which is made entirely of FSC-certified wood, draws clear references to Danish design traditions and balances new and old elements without compromising.

The chair is characterised by its focus on craftsmanship, which ensures a long lifetime in the most sustainable way. For example, it is constructed so that it can be dismantled and transported in a flat pack design. This creates opportunities for more environmentally friendly transport, which instead of wasting space on air, utilises the space to allow more beautiful designs to find their way to their new homes at the same time.

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