A shining example of sustainability

A shining example of sustainability

Imagine a sofa that's so durable, it can almost last for ever. A sofa that transcends time and taste and which does not succumb to fleeting trends. A sofa with a mission to endure for generations, together with all the changing seasons, occasions and needs.


The Recover sofa was born as a design experiment driven by great passion. The design duo Glismand and Rüdiger have thought sustainability and durability into every detail, thus not only creating a beautiful new sofa, but also a completely new way of thinking and making designs.

Recover is made from quality materials, from the soft cover to the upcycled surplus foam from local manufacturers, to the fibres and the very innermost layers of the wood used, which are also FSC certified. It's about getting the most out of the materials – without compromising on the aesthetics of the design.

The sofa is composed of a number of modules that can be combined in a variety of different ways. The flexible modules also make it possible to expand the sofa so that it meets your wishes and needs, no matter how they evolve. The cover is removable and replaceable, enabling colours and textures to create new, beautiful expressions and impressions in your home.


To complement the sofa's simple silhouette, you'll find exclusive wooden support braces that are designed to hold the slightly heavier back cushions in place. The elegant support brace is both practical and aesthetic and ensures that the modules stay together without compromising the graceful and simple aesthetics of the design. The wooden support braces are included in our fixed combinations of Recover, while you'll have to add the braces separately if you're designing your own Recover sofa in our customizer. The support braces are made of solid, sustainable wood and designed with a smooth, elegant curve that complements the sofa's subtle design language.

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The many different design options and the durable materials create a sofa with an eternal lifetime. And this is what we believe is the essence of durability and sustainability: To design something that lasts, made from authentic materials with a timeless and simple aesthetic.

The Recover sofa is therefore an excellent example and living demonstration of our design philosophy. It's not just a question of producing eye-catching design. That goes without saying. It's about creating something that will last for generations instead. Something that is so beautiful and timeless that it will be perceived internationally and by different cultures as an icon. And that's the very essence of Recover.

A beautiful design handmade in quality materials, and which offers an almost endless flexibility and durability. 


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