A small revolution

A small revolution

We've created a collection of glass, cutlery, dishes, bowls and trays with particular focus on exceptional quality and based on a simple, sustainable and timeless guideline. The result is complete series made to last.


The finest quality

The Danish designer, Thomas Brido Petersen, has created a complete glass series with the name 'Silhouette'. His inspiration comes from the sun and the silhouette that arises when it is shielded from your eyes. It is this elegant and natural contour that has given Silhouette its beautiful design language. The series is made of exclusive crystal glass, known for its superior durability, which makes it possible to create a very thin and fine glass with a slender stem. Crystal glass is one hundred percent transparent and will never bounce reflected light.

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Yonoh Creative Studio are the designers behind the series Carved. A series of handmade cutlery, where the richness of detail emphasises the authentic and traditional craftsmanship. The shaft is slightly twisted to provide a firm and comfortable grip, while the durable steel ensures the knife doesn't become blunt with use. Each design features both a glossy and matte finish on each side to result in an elegant and balanced finish.

Edge is a series of elegant, high-quality stoneware, where the durability is enhanced by firing it at a higher temperature, which also gives this porcelain the name 'iron porcelain' as a reference to the strength of the material and design. All products feature a distinctive, eye-catching contour that creates consistency across all the designs in the series. The beautiful profile also makes the many products stackable, giving each design an airy edge that is both functional and beautiful.

In Bolia, our finest task is to create something that lasts. This puts demands on the naturalness of the material, the profile of the design and the silhouette, which shouldn't be limited by trends or fleeting fads. Instead, timeless qualities and pure materials are thought into every single design, process and detail. That's why our new quality kitchen designs are packed in sustainable packaging. In beautiful boxes that have been designed so you can use them long after the design has been put into use. This means the box's raw form can be used for functional storage, and the natural, muted colour is visually appealing too. The different sizes and variants are devised with the same format, making them perfect together or as a separate box for jewellery or other items you want to organise in an aesthetic design.

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