GS tested - a stamp of approval

GS tested - a stamp of approval

In Bolia we honour our commitment to making furniture built to last, and to do so, we have joined forces with one of the world’s largest and most renowned agencies that offer inspection, extensive testing and quality assurance, Bureau Veritas. A company known for exhaustive and thorough quality testing and is a stamp of approval on its own.


Our collaboration includes the certificate, GS, meaning each design undergoes wide-ranging quality tests that cover testing for strength and durability, safety, dangerous chemicals and stability of each design. A GS-certificate, therefore, means that the design is tested to the extremes and will stand the test in busy airports as well as private homes. A GS-certificate proves that a design meets German and European safety and quality requirements, both as required by law and beyond, once again supporting our ambition that each design is built to last, to love and to keep.

Our furniture is tested and controlled before leaving the factory. Each sofa, armchair, vase, coffee table and the like will have to stand the test of the most scrutinizing eye. All designs must comply with REACH, EUTR, and other regulations that apply to the specific market. We work with the prominent agency, Bureau Veritas that carries out GS-testing, which ensures high quality and availability to public usage. Each test, control, regulation, and ambition we carry out and have, is established to ensure longevity. Our main goal is to create furniture that will last, that will be loved and that will stand the test in private homes, public spaces and office buildings.


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