Both practical and aesthetic

Both practical and aesthetic

Bookshelves, shelving systems, individual shelves floating alone or beautifully accompanied by others. Shelves serve as a peek behind the facade - a personal display for memories and stories in which you and your experiences play the main role. We've put together our best tricks on how to style your shelves, create cohesion, attention and a beautiful way to showcase your personal stories.


Think of your shelves as a blank canvas and not just as a practical storage solution. Consider them as a starting place for endless opportunities that are just waiting for you. The Rod shelving system can contain everything, with plenty of space for your creative expression. Start with completely empty shelves so you can see your shelving system with new, fresh eyes. Start with your larger items and complement with smaller accessories to complete your stylish and vibrant look.

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    • A visual balance

      Create visual balance by equally distributing small and large accessories across the shelves. You can also create the illusion of depth and dynamism by combining different heights and textures. Use your plants to inject a green, organic splash of colour, which also add some life and a playful edge to the shelves. Choose a simple colour theme. It creates balance and visual tranquility.

    Hide mess away behind closed doors so that the remaining empty surfaces and visible knick-knacks become part of a well-considered and cohesive arrangement. A visually appealing display where eye-catching accessories complete the design experience. Swap things around, try giving your accessories a new place every couple of months, or add additional modules to the Rod series to breathe new life into your shelves and decorative objects.


    A small revolution

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