Built to last

Built to last

Our designs are shaped by honest, sustainable and natural materials and designed by international accredited designers that count renowned and established as well as ambitious new talents. Each design is built to last a lifetime and each detail is thought-out, tried, tested and a result of months, and maybe years, of hard work and. Every component serves a greater purpose and is born with a sustainable mindset to ensure longevity and incredibleness. 

Our designs are brought to life by professionals who take pride in their craft. They value traditions but acknowledges new technologies and adapts any that will help them make even greater furniture. They care for working and worker conditions. They contribute to a greener production by investing in solar cells, FSC-certified wood, and by reusing and recycling excessive goods or energy. And we only work with the best of the best to ensure that our designs won’t make a lasting imprint on the earth – only in your home.

For us, honest, natural materials equal longevity. That is why we work with organic, biodegradable wood from sustainable forestry, and why all our wood is FSC-certified. That is why we work with biodegradable and natural dye, why we seek new, sustainable and renewable adventures, like our two fabrics; Revi and Vilme. Why our designers explore new ways to design functional and aesthetically beautiful designs without straining the environment. And why we’re always looking into new sources, raw materials and ways to produce our furniture that will impact our surroundings in the least possible way. Our main goal is to build furniture that will last a lifetime, that will be loved forever and that will stand the test day in, day out for generations.


The sustainable Ocean fabric

Natural, authentic leather