How to create a wild flower arrangement

How to create a wild flower arrangement

We all know how amazingly beautiful wildflowers look alongside a country road. They’re not artfully arranged according to a certain plan – they are haphazard and colorful, wild and natural. Bring these fragrant wildflowers into your home by making the most beautiful wildflower bouquet.

The more varied the better

You should start out by collecting tall wild flowers in nature around you or at the florist when it’s not season. To add a little architecture to your wildflower bouquet, you can add a few stems of wild grass and leaves. It will help you create a more voluminous arrangement.

For a natural looking arrangement choose varying shapes, colours and textures and even if you don’t need to adjust the height of your flowers, it’s still a good idea to cut just a bit off the stem as the fresh cut improves water absorption. Also, remember to remove leaves below the water line to keep the water nice and clean and make your flowers last longer.


Select your favourite vase and preferably you can use narrow-mouth vases as it will help hold the flowers closer together and create fullness. Also, you shouldn’t hold back playing with different sizes, colours and shapes, like high and skinny or short and voluminous.

Now to fun part, where your creativity should meet no boundaries. Create asymmetry by adding one flower at a time and make the arrangement taller on one side to shape an elegant sense of wildness. Arrange several vases together I curated groups for a beautiful flower display and welcome a vibrant burst of nature into your home.

Katrine Ring

Bolia Copenhagen – The King’s Garden