How to create an indoor greenery

How to create an indoor greenery

Simply and creatively designed indoor greeneries can help add a whole new dimension to your home with a fresh, natural touch. At Bolia, we strive for that elegant Scandinavian minimalism in everything we do and design – besides when it comes to indoor greeneries where we find that more is more.


If you are looking for creative way to bring nature inside and create a lush indoor retreat, we have gathered a few easy and inspirational steps for you.

Nothing can up an indoor space like greens, and if you are about to create a green oasis you should start by arranging all your pots to get a clear overview. We recommend that you go for pots in different styles and sizes to make a more playful and interesting green space.

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    • Pick your favorite plants

      Choose greens that are suited for indoor usage in varying heights and sizes. Mix feathery fronds with glossy shining leaves, big succulent heads and trailing strings of pearls. Like we said, more is really more, and you shouldn’t hold back when mixing and matching plants – there is no right or wrong. Use a pot larger than the plant so the roots have room to grow and add some leca or stones to improve drainage, then carefully place the plant not to harm or break any leaves, add soil and leave space for watering.

    Arrange your different greens on a side table or on the floor to add volume to a corner – either way you should place your greenery in a spot with enough sunlight and let nature decorate your home.

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