How to give your dining table a natural styling

How to give your dining table a natural styling

When it comes to table settings, there are many things to consider – colour scheme and design, plates, cutlery and props. The use of muted colours, clean lines, and natural materials are perfect for every table setting and to us, an underplayed and natural Scandinavian styling always works, so here’s a few easy tips and ideas we want to share with you.


Start by choosing your favourite set of plates and matching tableware. Keep the tones of the service light and in whites and pale colours for an elegant Scandinavian feel, like our Eclipse tableware series. Add your preferred glassware and place them slightly to the right, both water- and wine glasses. Place fork and knife to the right for an informal setting and keep the expression soft and natural.


The oldest, and luckily easiest trick in the book to make it look like a million; the linen napkins. For a natural, effortless look fold it in half diagonally and keep folding until it makes one long strip and finish up by tying a loose knot. Tug in the ends and place it beautifully onto your plates. To add that little extra scandi-feel you can decorate it by placing a simple leave or a straw for a soft and elegant look.

Sprinkle with natural elements like shells, dried flowers, artsy wood or stones to add a hint of the Scandinavian nature. Also, every beautiful dining table deserves an eye-catching bouquet. Florals are an easy way to quickly and easily elevate your gathering. Create one of wild grasses and twigs to complete your soft Scandinavian setting, and go ahead, invite nature and everyone else over for dinner.