How to take good care of your fabric

How to take good care of your fabric

Almost all our upholstery fabrics are certified after STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which indicates that no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other harmful substances are used in production. Our numerous certified furniture upholsteries include a number of sustainable alternatives, such as our Bergo fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, and Ocean, produced without using any water in the production.


The care kit includes a textile protector that will create a protective membrane, enhance the natural qualities of the material and sofa, and will extend the life of your sofa. A care product typically lasts for half a year, so we recommend that you care for your sofa a couple of times a year, or as often as needed depending on how much you use your sofa.

Take the textile protector and hold it up vertically with a distance of approximately 20 cm from the sofa. Apply an even layer until the textile is wet.

Wait until the textile is dry before you take a seat. It will take about 90 minutes with a room temperature of minimum 20°C. To test if the fabric is completely dry and the treatment enough, spray a little water onto the surface. If the water is absorbed, repeat the treatment, and if repelled, you are done for today.


    • Continually care

      Repeat treatment when needed depending on how much time you spend in your beautiful sofa. Offering your sofa regular care and maintenance will make it last for many years to come.

    A shining example of sustainability

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