How to take good care of your marble

How to take good care of your marble

Marble is a natural material, where large blocks are cut and divided into smaller pieces that are later transformed into your furniture. Marble is available in various stone types and colours. But they all share nature's own qualities, which provide a durable piece of furniture that is only enhanced by continual care and love. Explore our short how-to guide and see our DIY video, illustrating exactly how to care for marble.


Marble's natural quality is also its obvious advantage. No two pieces of marble are alike, so every piece of marble furniture will be 100% unique. Marble is also a solid material with a certain weightiness, which can withstand a great deal if given the right care.

Start by shaking the marble polish well, and then apply the product with a tear-free cloth in an even, thin layer. Use circular massaging movements to ensure the product is evenly distributed and saturated.

Wait for the surface to dry. This will take around 10 minutes, and when the surface is dry you can polish the surface with a tear-free cloth to create an even exterior.


    • Continually care

      Repeat the treatment when needed. Know that the more you wipe your marble surface, the more often you'll need to treat it. If your furniture takes centre stage in your d├ęcor, you can safely treat it once a month. The care product creates a protective membrane that slowly gets washed off, which is why it needs to be maintained and cared for regularly.

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