Peyote Series

Peyote Series

Crafted by natural and sustainable materials, the Peyote series is built on love and built to last. Echoing the values of the Scandinavian design heritage and honest craftsmanship, the Italian design studio e-ggs has created a series of tables all made from FSC-certified wood.

The Peyote series, consisting of dining tables, coffee tables and side tables are an elegant Nordic collection with an organic appearance inspired by leaves and nature’s ability to constantly recreate shapes and take on new forms. Peyote is like an old tree. Bombastic and yet so indisputable elegant featuring a round, leaf-shaped base and perfectly floating table top, created in beautiful materials.

    • “We designed the Peyote series from a desire to create something beautiful and long-lasting inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature and its materials, structures, forms and hidden details that pique our curiosity. Our designs are a result of the interaction that takes place between us as designers and nature that surrounds us.”

    The Peyote series takes on sustainability in every aspect. From initial idea, to production, to materials, to final design. The tables are crafted in a combination of FSC-certified moulded veneer, MDF and plywood, which ensures both stability, durability and longevity.

    Peyote combines natural materials and elegant elements and with its organic design, it will complement your decor and add an honest, durable and natural look to your home.

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