SPRING – the new collection

SPRING – the new collection

Fresh perspectives and new beginnings. Our new 2021 spring collection welcomes a new, light and playful universe. Nature is our greatest source of inspiration, and it is from the tranquility and purity of nature that every new design originates. To create calm, relaxing spaces that are beautiful, unique and inviting at the same time.

Created from the belief that tactile surfaces stimulate the senses and that materials define the experience of a space, the new collection focuses on natural materials, surfaces, colours and seasons. Explore selected new arrivals below and read more about the inspiration behind the collection.

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Aya is a new exclusive sofa series designed by Says Who. The inviting seat depth and elegant, stringent yet welcoming design give Aya a strong profile and identity. These qualities, combined with the removable cover, give Aya something completely new and unique.

    • Pira Sofa Beds

      Pira is an elegant, almost sculptural range of sofa beds and matching poufs designed by German designer Joa Herrenknecht. The entire range is FSC-certified, and the sofa bed has a built-in fold-out mechanism and storage compartment in poufs and chaise longue modules.

    Clara Armchairs

    Clara is a graceful and interesting armchair with exceptional comfort, where the design language is inspired by the elegant exterior of a penguin. The inspiration can be seen clearly in the Clara's armrests and´ frame. Features include a handy tilt function, a subtle swivel return function and a moulded form that not only enhances comfort, but also significantly extends the chair's lifetime and durability.

    Stay is a series of chairs that emphasise our sustainable ambitions. Stay is sustainable in the purest sense of the word. The chair is supplied in a flat pack design in separate parts, which both reduces the transport of air and offers replacement of used parts as the years progress. And in addition to the sustainable, distinct personality that Stay possesses, the design also draws clear references to great Scandinavian design classics. A chair that honours design traditions, but at the same time innovates and reinterprets to ultimately refine the craftsmanship and expression.

    • Link Tables

      Link is a series of beautiful tables with an elegant and uncluttered silhouette. The table top is made of FSC-certified, supplemented by slim, elegant metal legs that ensure a solid and durable construction. Designed to be the beautiful centrepiece of a meeting room, dining room, home office and restaurant environment.

    Story is an elegant series of handmade side and coffee tables. The repeated shapes and airy fronts create a calming surface and feeling. The designers behind it, Anna Karnov & Clara Mahler, wanted to create a design with a durable quality that would age gracefully while fulfilling changing needs and wishes. That's why all the materials are carefully selected, and the design language is simple without becoming trivial.

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    The Danish designer Asger Risborg Jakobsen is behind the elegant and exclusive lamp series Reflection. Designed with a playful idea of creating something simple, yet with an alluring and timeless quality. That's why the silhouette is impressively simple, and the shape plays with the light source, lampshade and shadows, resulting in a unique reflection.

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    Scandinavian nature is our biggest source of inspiration, and with this in mind, the Spring collection invites you to slow down with calm, relaxing motifs, colours and surfaces. And by creating small spaces with a calming atmosphere. The new collection explores tactile and sensual elements, enhancing tranquility, warmth and light, and the soft shapes that encourage calm and relaxation. The design language and construction consist primarily of organic silhouettes and natural, authentic materials that add a sense of closeness and well-being to the universe. All to create a design experience based on nature's relaxing atmosphere that gives you space and time to slow down.

    The Green Living Collection

    A long lifetime