The Outdoor Collection

We believe that when we surround ourselves with lovely objects and beauty, we create a space where both our eyes and mind can find peace. And for us, nature is the biggest source for that. That's why our spring collection offers new designs for outdoor use and invites nature inside a homely setting. So that you can create green breathing spaces and small sanctuaries with nature as the focal point. Explore new arrivals from the Spring collection and the entire Outdoor collection below.

    • New: Calm Puffer

      Calm is a series of poufs that can be used indoors or outdoors. A practical design that emphasises its own function in its pattern. To invite calm, presence and relaxation in an otherwise hectic everyday life. A small, beautiful breathing space. Inside and outside.

    Grove is a new series of flowerpots designed to create small green breathing spaces in the home. The pots' design is echoed in all sizes or functions, and they're designed to showcase the plants from their best angle and side, just by creating a calm foundation where the plant can thrive. Day after day. Year after year.

    See Grove here


    Highlands Flowerpots

    Highlands is a series of flowerpots where the designers had a clear desire to create a green landscape inspired by architectural lines. That's why dynamics, format and playful design language are the hallmarks of every single pot. Highlands is made of coloured fibre concrete and is naturally waterproof.

    See Highlands here

    The Danish design duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, created Orlando Outdoor, which has been developed and designed for outdoor use. The cushions allow water to run directly off it and dry in just a few hours, while the frame is made of aluminium to avoid rusting. The modules are also designed with accompanying stone tops in a matching size that can serve as flexible table tops. All to create a soft, inviting and calm breathing space in the middle of nature.

    See Orlando Outdoor here


    Conwy is specifically designed for outdoor use and to create a calm and relaxing alfresco atmosphere. Made from natural materials like jute, Conwy integrates harmoniously with its surroundings and almost blends into one. Conwy is available in different sizes and the warp thread, which gives the rug a Nordic look, is also available in different colours.

    • Classic Outdoor Cushions

      Our popular Classic Cushion is available in various sizes, colours and upholstery fabrics, and also in Ocean fabric, which is particularly useful for outdoor use, as the fabric is 100% dyed, while the filling consists of silicone-treated polyester fibres that do not absorb water. In other words, the Classic cushion in Ocean fabric is the perfect partner for the patio or garden.

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