The perfect modular sofa

The perfect modular sofa

The sofa is the heart of the home. A breathing space, a place for relaxing and switching off. It's your focal point, your meeting point and everything in between. A modular sofa offers and allows great flexibility in terms of colour and function. That's why we've put together our best tips on how to find the perfect modular sofa for you.


What should your dream sofa be able to do? It's a good idea to start with the purpose and size as they set the stage for all the other decisions. Do you dream of a comfortable 3-seater? Or a huge sofa for binge-watching series on lazy Sundays? A sofa with enough room for all your family and friends? A soft and cosy sofa? Or maybe you have big dreams of a luxurious, extravagant and impressive corner sofa?

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    • Adjusted to suit your needs

      A modular sofa is the ultimate definition of flexibility. The various modules can be easily detached and separated as your new dreams and needs arise. Or you might like to add a module in a new colour or fabric for a playful edge or new expression. Whatever your wishes, every single modular sofa in our collection can be customised for you – throughout your entire life. See all modular sofas on and find one that suits your style.

    With our customizer you can play with the design, change colour, legs and material, and the individual modules can be combined in countless ways. With a simple drag and drop feature, you can put together the perfect sofa for you that matches your personal style, your needs, and your dreams. No compromise.

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