Spring News


Conwy Rug: Designed by Bolia Design Team

Conwy is hand-woven and made of 90% jute and 10% wool. The rug's appearance offers a natural, Nordic and rustic simplicity, where the two materials create a striking contrast on the surface. The warp thread is also jute, and this holds the design's structure together in the weave.

Highlands Flowerpot: Designed by Böttcher & Kayser

Highlands is a series of flowerpots where the designers had a clear desire to create a green landscape inspired by architectural lines. The distinctive design language means the pots can be used as a room partition both inside and outside. Highlands is made of coloured fibre concrete and is naturally waterproof.

Mixture Flowerpot: Designed by Sanne Kyed

Mixture is a series of flowerpots that invite creativity and play. The pots are available in different sizes and materials, so you can experiment with the colours, materials and heights to create your very own version. The inside of the pots is made of fibre concrete coated with rubber, which makes them 100% waterproof.

Pica Outdoor Table Lamp: Designed by Joa Herrenknecht

The Pica Outdoor table lamp was designed by Joa Herrenknecht and instantly creates a tranquil atmosphere. The elegant lamp has a metal base with an elegant top in matte, white opal glass, which gives the lamp a light and pleasant glow. Pica Outdoor comes with built-in LED and dimmer and can provide up to 6 hours of light when fully charged.