Spring News


Floow Sideboard: Designed by Michael H. Nielsen

Floow is named after its sleek frame, which gives the sideboard the impression that it is floating. The solid frame has an elegant appearance and is also sustainably produced, while the mortise-and-tenon joints that connect all the corners emphasise the traditional craftsmanship and high carpentry quality that Floow is made of.

Luxe Soundsystem: Designed by Michael H. Nielsen

Luxe Soundsystem is designed by Michael H. Nielsen in collaboration with the Danish tech company Lemus, which is known for mixing exceptional sound with beautiful design. The collaboration has resulted in the Luxe Soundsystem, which features the Luxe series' distinctive elegant herringbone pattern, and is equipped with an award-winning sound system that offers a powerful and consistent sound of the highest Hi-Fi quality.

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