Spring News


Arcs: Designed by Büro Famos

This beautiful and timeless tableware set is inspired by nature's organic forms and is playfully light. Each design is moulded and rotated by hand, making every single piece unique. The porcelain is of the finest quality to ensure durability, and the soft contours add an exclusive slant to the series' timeless and classic design.

Carved: Designed by Yonoh Creative Studio

Carved is a series of handmade cutlery, with fine detailing that emphasises the authentic and traditional craftsmanship. The shaft is slightly twisted to provide a firm and comfortable grip, while the durable steel ensures the knife doesn't become blunt with use. Each design features both a glossy and matte finish on each side to result in an elegant and balanced finish.

Silhouette: Designed by Thomas Brido Petersen

Silhouette is a complete glass series, designed by Danish Thomas Brido Petersen, who has drawn inspiration from the sun and the silhouette that emerges when shielded from your eyes. It is this elegant and natural contour that has given Silhouette its beau

Edge: Designed by Gran Studio

Edge is a series of elegant, high-quality stoneware, where the durability is enhanced by firing it at a higher temperature, which also gives this porcelain the name 'iron porcelain' as a reference to the strength of the material and design. All products feature a distinctive contour that is eye-catching and creates consistency across all the designs in the series. The beautiful profile also makes the many products stackable, giving each design an airy edge that is both functional and beautiful.

Unio Tray: Designed by Böttcher & Kayser

Unio is an elegant series of trays hand-formed in different finishes, each with its own distinctive appearance. The tray's elegant shape is made of only one piece of steel, making it a unique and distinctive design. The series is designed by the German duo, BÖTTCHER & KAYSER, and comes in several sizes and designs of the highest quality. Each tray has a discreet cutout detail that doubles up as a handle and an aesthetic feature.

Pit: Designed by BÖTTCHER & KAYSER

Designed by the acclaimed German design studio, BÖTTCHER & KAYSER, Pit is a series of elegant and exclusive salt and pepper mills. The design is inspired by the traditional Japanese 'Kokeshi' wooden dolls, reinterpreted with a Scandinavian slant. The top f

Octagon Cutting Board: Designed by Pavel Vetrov

Octagon is a series of cutting boards named after their distinctively shaped design. The series is designed by Pavel Vetrov Studio and is made of handpicked wood. Every wooden panel is carefully selected and assembled to give the design a consistent and fascinating appearance. Octagon is available in different materials and sizes, and each cutting board features a groove that prevents liquid from spilling over.

Sustainable packaging

Decorative and practical boxes you can stack, use as decoration or as beautiful storage solutions? Our Everyday Icons come in stylish boxes that can also be used after you've started using your new design. The packaging is made from paper with a sustainable soy print and is 100% recyclable.