Mirrors and home textiles

Natural materials, shades and colours with a playful edge, a comfortable softness and a natural durability that extends to the material, quality, aesthetics and more.

Racquet Mirror: Designed by Oliver Schick

Racquet is a series of handmade mirrors designed by Oliver Schick and made of steam-bent wood that is curved around the actual mirror. A complicated technique that creates an elegant and playful expression to make each mirror totally unique. The series is inspired by the shape of tennis raquets, which can be seen in the beautiful tip. An elegant and organic design made from materials of the finest quality

Shore Throw: Designed by Büro Famos

The Shore throw is designed by Büro Famos and offers a subtle imitation of waves hitting the shore. Shore is jacquard woven, giving each side a unique pattern, while adding a timeless quality to each throw. Shore is made from wool and cotton making it a comfortable, natural and warm addition, guaranteed to keep the cool at bay.

Capri Throw: Designed by Ferriani Sbolgi

The Capri throw is designed by Ferriani Sbolgi and is made of 60% natural cotton and 40% linen, giving each throw wonderful comfort and authenticity. Capri features a jacquard weave that creates a unique pattern on each side, making the throw equally beautiful on both sides and telling a story of beautiful and intricate craftsmanship.