Craft & 10 years guarantee

Our finest task is to design and manufacture quality products that last for generations. Packaging, care products, interchangeable parts and the recycling of the finished design are all aspects we consider in the design development, in our eternal search to extend the durability of every single design. That’s why we offer a special 10-year guarantee.

Our wood is FSC® certified, and our leather is traceable and produced without the use of harmful chemicals. Our upholstery fabrics and Soft Collection are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and our rugs are labelled with Care and Fair, which ensures that the weavers and their families have good conditions and have access to schooling and medical care.

We don't take sustainability lightly. We know it’s a journey and we want to do more and become better – every single day.

Sustainable partnerships

In Bolia we work actively with quality and sustainability. We invest in new, sustainable materials, just as we invest in new talents within our industry. Our ultimate goal is to give more than we take. That's why we work with certified materials, manufacturers and experts within sustainable development. Below you can read about our many certifications and quality requirements and learn how we work with them and with sustainability in general in Bolia's everyday life.

    • FSC Denmark

      We have entered into a strategic membership with FSC Denmark, which is part of an international non-profit organisation working to promote sustainable forestry all over the world. As a member of this organisation, we automatically help foresters and their families achieve better living conditions while ensuring the wood we use is legally felled by trained professionals. In Bolia, most of our wood is FSC® certified, and our ambition is for all wood to be FSC® certified by 2021. For us, the FSC certification is a stamp of quality that reinforces our sustainable journey.

    • BuildBackBetter

      Together with FSC Denmark and Märk, we are part of the BuildBackBetter project, which is based around the Sustainable Brands tool. The project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation, with the single purpose of clarifying the ambitions of a business and the difference it makes in the world; to move business models, distributors, manufacturers and materials in a more sustainable direction, and to clearly communicate the value to society that lies in a more sustainable world to partners, customers and potential colleagues.

    • Upcycling Forum

      We're members of the Upcycling Forum; a meeting place for companies that want to create real sustainable results and solutions. They enable green, sustainable solutions by putting companies in contact with each other and by transforming a sustainable strategy into concrete and relevant solutions and opportunities.

      The entire Upcycling Forum's approach to sustainability, CSR and social responsibility nicely complements our own ambitious goals and the sustainable journey we are on. We are therefore proud to be an active member and join the journey towards a more sustainable furniture industry and world. A change towards something better.

    • Bureau Veritas

      At Bolia, our ambition is to create beautiful furniture that lasts for generations, whether you enjoy them at home, in the workplace, luxury hotels or designer restaurants. That’s why we work with Bureau Veritas – one of the world’s largest and most recognised agencies in the field of inspection, product testing and quality assurance. An agency known for its comprehensive and thorough quality testing and whose name itself is a stamp of quality.

    Steelcase – a global collaboration

    In collaboration with the leading global office furniture manufacturer, Steelcase, we offer a curated collection of Bolia designs including sofas, armchairs and tables for customers in Europe, North America, Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The collection complements Steelcase's broad product portfolio and offers exciting designs based on the Scandinavian design tradition distributed by the largest dealer network in the industry. Together we've embarked on a journey where the goal is to transform office landscapes all over the world into creative, inspiring workplaces.

    We are proud that our designs fulfil some of the highest quality standards in the world such as GS and TSCA, and that we are members of amfori and use the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, also known as amfori BSCI. As a member of the organisation, we take part in a standardised code of conduct that sets specific requirements for working conditions and rights at our factories and manufacturers. Many of our designs are also tested in collaboration with the German quality and certification agency, Bureau Veritas.

    Most of our wood is FSC-certified, our leather variants are 100% traceable and produced without using any harmful chemicals, and all our fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

    All our rugs also carry the Care and Fair label, ensuring that the weavers and their families are properly treated and have access to both school and medical care.

    We work with a number of sustainable alternatives such as cork, linen and hemp, and we are constantly developing, refining and finding new sustainable materials, solutions and opportunities.

    Everything we do is done from the desire to create something that lasts. And to create something better. Much better.