A change for the better

Breathe in, breathe out. It’s time to reconnect, to slow down, to take it all in and let it all go. 

When the world seems to spin faster by the hour, we are drawn to all things slow. We are looking for calm, self-indulgent and mindful experiences and seeking the luxury of silent retreats, natural materials and inspiring surroundings.

That is why our collection is inspired by the vivid nature that surrounds us with soothing earth-toned colours, crafted details and natural material. All designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.

We love making sustainability the starting point of every new design. All the way from the first sketches to the final product, our designers are making sustainable decisions. But what we all believe matters the most is creating beautiful designs that are built to last for many years.

Today, we as consumers are a passionate bunch: passionate about the products we buy, where they come from, who made them, from which materials they are created, how sustainable they are – and how long they last.

We are fed up with cheap stuff that doesn’t last and seek quality in the strive for buying less but better.

The world is filled with noises and choices. To find our way, we look for specialists who can help us with a curation, overview and easy navigation, and share what they truly love. On the other hand, we also want to explore and express our personality and identity through the choices we make, how we live, and what we buy.

That is why product-customisation and handmade quality is a luxury that represent a more sustainable consumer choice and send a subtle signal against mass production.

Designing and manufacturing quality products that last for generations is our mission – every time we create new designs at Bolia. And packaging, care products, changeable parts and final product recycling needs to be considered as we work tirelessly towards extending the longevity of the product.

Sustainability is something we do not take lightly. We know that it’s a never-ending journey, trying to do better every single day.

Imagine the vivid Scandinavian landscapes, with its manifold types of nature. From peaceful meadows to wild mountains. Imagine the refreshing beech forests and the subtle earth-toned fields of waving reed. Imagine the warm summer nights and the bright cold winters. Imagine the windy autumn days and the first rays of sun during spring.

Our design collections are created from nature's sustainable materials, its tranquil tones and peaceful breathing spaces. Tailor-made and perfected into beautiful timeless designs, where authentic details and long-lasting quality are brought to life in a peaceful universe designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.


Nature is the biggest source of inspiration. That’s why we unfold nature’s potential by digging deep and creating small curated breathing spaces that foster naturality and tranquillity. And we believe that indoor greeneries and sceneries can help create balance and calmness, and help you recharge from the busy but wonderful everyday life.

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As cities sprawl and lives become busier, opportunities to explore green breathing spaces are becoming few and far between – but we are all finding new ways to re-connect to nature. It's time to bring sustainability, natural materials, calmness and brightness into our homes, our workspaces and our lives.

We love working with natures finest materials. From FSC-certified solid wood like oak, walnut and ash to traceable leathers, certified wool and recycled materials. And from marble, concrete, ceramics, terracotta, glass and porcelain to linen, felt, French weave, hemp and cork.

Our furniture designs are handmade by some of the most skilled craftsmen and cabinetmakers in Europe. The vast majority of wood is FSC-certified, all our leather variants are 100% traceable and our fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. All inspired by nature's pure and authentic materials, tones and motifs that invite calmness and reflection.

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We love making sustainability the starting point of every new design. All the way from the first sketches and the final product to the delivery into your home we have made many sustainable decisions and activities.

Besides our passion for natural materials, craftsmanship and product longevity, our designs are made to order and since our furniture designs are not mass produced we are minimising waste through a flexible and consistent use of raw materials and components at our European manufacturers.

At Bolia we do not have any big warehouses with dusty old products, we plan the transportation directly from the factory floor and all the way into your home. Optimising production capacities, filling rates and transportation routes in order to minimise our carbon footprint.

We use recycled materials into our production and we recycle our photo designs and returned items at our Online Outlet making sure all these designs find a way to a caring home too.   

We have introduced a new sustainable packaging for our new accessory collection. The packaging is made from paper with a sustainable soy print and it is so durable and beautiful that it can be used for storing all your little knick-knacks at home. We are busy making our furniture packaging even better too. 

In all our showrooms and offices, we use low energy consuming light sources, we are serving organic tea, coffee and chocolate and we have just started testing a new rent-a-design concept in our Berlin store, and much more.

We are happy to be teaming up with other good people who are just as passionate as us when it comes to changing things for the better. Like US based Steelcase, FSC Denmark, The organisation Sustainable Brands, Upcycling Forum Denmark and many more.   

We are on a thrilling sustainable journey and every day we make new sustainable choices – all the way from the beautiful minds of our designers to the coffee we serve in our stores.

Craft and compliance

Many of our designs are compliant with the world´s highest quality standards and certifications like GS, TSCA, and we are a member of amfori using the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative also called amfori BSCI. In addition, many of our designs are thoroughly tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas in Germany, which is the world leader in quality certification.

Our wood is FSC-certified, and all our leathers are traceable and produced without any use of harmful compounds. Our furniture fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and our rugs are labelled with the Care and Fair-mark, securing proper schooling and medical care in production countries.

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We have teamed up with different companies and organisations all joining our sustainable journey. Meet them all here.

    • FSC Denmark

      FSC is an international non-profit organisation working to promote sustainable forestry all over the world. As a member of this organisation, we automatically help foresters and their families achieve better living conditions while ensuring the wood we use is legally felled by trained professionals. In Bolia, most of our wood is FSC® certified, and our ambition is for all wood to be FSC certified by 2020. For us, the FSC certification is a stamp of quality that reinforces our sustainable journey.

    • BuildBackBetter

      Together with FSC Denmark and Märk, we are part of the BuildBackBetter project, which is based around the Sustainable Brands tool. The project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation, with the single purpose of clarifying the ambitions of a business and the difference it makes in the world; to move business models, distributors, manufacturers and materials in a more sustainable direction, and to clearly communicate the value to society that lies in a more sustainable world to partners, customers and potential colleagues.

    • Upcycling Forum

      We're members of the Upcycling Forum; a meeting place for companies that want to create real sustainable results and solutions. They enable green, sustainable solutions by putting companies in contact with each other and by transforming a sustainable strategy into concrete and relevant solutions and opportunities.

      The entire Upcycling Forum's approach to sustainability, CSR and social responsibility nicely complements our own ambitious goals and the sustainable journey we are on. We are therefore proud to be an active member and join the journey towards a more sustainable furniture industry and world. A change towards something better.

    • Bureau Veritas and the GS mark

      At Bolia, we strive to keep our promise of making long-lasting furniture, which is why we work closely with Bureau Veritas – one of the world's largest and most recognised agencies in the field of inspection, product testing and quality assurance. An agency known for its comprehensive and thorough quality testing and whose name itself is a stamp of quality.

      Our partnership includes the GS mark, which means that all designs undergo extensive quality testing in terms of strength and durability, safety, harmful chemicals and the stability of the individual design. The GS mark is your guarantee that the design has been tested inside and out, and therefore offers excellent durability, whether it's for using in a busy airport or a private home. A GS mark documents that the design meets German and European safety and quality requirements – both statutory ones as well as several others – and it supports our ambition and goal that all designs should be long-lasting, easy to love and something you want to pass on to future generations.

    • Sustainable brands

      Sustainable brands is a tool developed to transform sustainable initiatives and materials into concrete and tangible figures. The technology behind it is called 'SB Brand Transformation Roadmap SM' and is an innovative measurement tool that maps and measures the sustainable progress of a product, the material and the company.
      We want to use the tool to measure our progress, as well as to set new, sustainable and concrete goals, so we constantly ensure that we're moving forward. Towards something better and more sustainable.