A change to something better

We are more passionate, conscious and selective consumers than ever before. We pay attention to quality, craftsmanship and timeless designs in our quest for things that last for many years. We love clever and sustainable solutions, and it upsets us when resources go to waste. 

We all want to make the most of our lives and we are increasingly aware of how we can optimise our mind, our body, our health and our well-being by being focused on the food we eat, the choices we make, the people we meet, the things we buy, the environment and the surroundings we live and work in.

Honesty, quality and durability are topics that form the core of our decisions when we shop everything from fresh food to customised sofas. This is great news – because it means we are all becoming more aware of our consumption, making healthier decisions and buying fewer but better products.

We are an international design company that loves to reinterpret Scandinavian design and create beautiful spaces in homes, workplaces and everything in between. We are proud to be a creative company that bases our business on human values. Our ambition is to ensure sustainable growth and share our creativity and passion for making better choices.

At Bolia, we are optimists who believe that the world is slowly changing for the better and that it gives room for new possibilities. As the world changes, consumers also change, politicians change, and you and I change. Every day we become more insightful, making more conscious, greener and healthier choices. At Bolia, we are always on a journey towards something better. We aren't perfect and we'll definitely make some mistakes along the way. But no matter what, we are honest, open-minded, positive, dedicated and creative.

Our core values of quality, people and innovation are rooted in Scandinavian design traditions and lifestyles. We love functional design, natural materials, beauty, craftsmanship, longevity, simplicity, positivity and respect. Based on these values, we share our thoughts on sustainability, implement our ideas and promote collaboration.

We believe that a more sustainable way forward is about making positive choices. The thousands of choices we make every day as politicians, managers, colleagues, family members, consumers and as people. All the way from strategic decisions in the boardroom, to how you choose to live and to the choices you make in your local supermarket.

At Bolia, our ambition is to make healthier and greener choices and inspire our customers to do the same by sharing our passion, creativity and solutions. Our most important goal is to improve our core business by working with long-term solutions and all the challenging improvements that really matter to lower our climate footprint – instead of being tempted to find quick solutions, short-term donations or symbolic green activities. It won't be easy. It will be difficult, but we love difficult things at Bolia, because we believe that the more difficult things are, the greater the reward.

Every design in our collection is made to last and made by hand by some of Europe’s finest manufacturers. All in nature’s finest materials, with the beautiful changing seasons as our biggest source of inspiration. Exclusive woods such as solid oak, walnut and ash – natural, oiled or stained. Everything is FSC® certified, which ensures sustainable forestry and good working conditions, right from the raw wood to the final design.

Tactile upholstery fabrics such as linen, bouclé, wool, velour or chunky woven fabrics. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that every single piece of fabric is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and produced without any harmful chemicals. All leather used for furniture is not only the finest quality in the world, but also certified and traceable, ensuring transparency and animal welfare.   

We love using brass and untreated, stainless steel or lacquered steel to create beautiful contrasts to natural stone, such as Italian marble and travertine or polished concrete.

Made from ceramic or clear, structured, polished or tinted glass, our new collection of home accessories is made by hand, ensuring each design is unique and full of character.

All our natural rugs are handmade and Care & Fair certified, which ensures decent working and living conditions for the workers and their families.

And we love using natural materials such as hemp, cork or fine paper braid for many of our designs, as a tribute to our Scandinavian heritage and craftsmanship traditions.

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Natural materials, sustainability and a long lifetime are the starting point for the development of every Bolia design. From the first sketches to the final product, we make as innovative choices as possible, creating beautiful designs that are designed to last for many years.

Our furniture designs are custom-made to order, thus minimising the amount of waste products by being flexible and consistent in using our manufacturers' raw materials and components. This provides us with a solid, handmade quality, which supports our search for fewer but better products, and sends a discreet signal against mass production and raw material waste.

Even our product guarantee is changing for the better, as we now offer a 10-year guarantee on all designs in our collection.

You can create every design exactly to your liking by choosing your favourite model in the perfect size. Covered in your favourite upholstery fabric with the most beautiful fabric and the most fabulous colour. Tailor-made by some of the best craftsmen in Europe.

That’s why don't have any large warehouses full of dusty products, but make your furniture when you order it. And we plan production and transport, directly from the factory and right home to you. In the process, we optimise production capacity and fill up quotas and transport routes to minimise our climate footprint.

We use recycled materials in many of our products, and we recycle photo studio designs and returned items in our Online Outlet. In this way, we ensure that all these pieces of furniture also find a nice new home.

Among other things, we have developed new reusable packaging for our new accessories collection. The packaging is made of paper with a sustainable soy print, and it is so durable and beautiful that you can also use it to store all your bits and bobs in at home. We're also busy making our furniture packaging even better. 

Craftsmanship and standards

Our designs comply with European and global standards for strength, durability, stability and safety, and many of our designs comply with high quality standards and certifications such as GS. We are active members of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, also known as amfori BSCI. In addition, many of our designs are thoroughly tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas in Germany, which is the world leader in quality certification.

We have teamed up with a wide range of passionate companies and organisations that have become a part of our sustainable journey. Meet our friends here.

    • FSC Denmark

      We have entered into a strategic membership with FSC Denmark, which is part of an international non-profit organisation working to promote sustainable forestry all over the world. As a member of this organisation, we automatically help foresters and their families achieve better living conditions while ensuring the wood we use is legally felled by trained professionals. In Bolia, most of our wood is FSC® certified, and our ambition is for all wood to be FSC® certified by 2021. For us, the FSC certification is a stamp of quality that reinforces our sustainable journey.

    • BuildBackBetter

      Together with FSC Denmark and Märk, we are part of the BuildBackBetter project, which is based around the Sustainable Brands tool. The project is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation, with the single purpose of clarifying the ambitions of a business and the difference it makes in the world; to move business models, distributors, manufacturers and materials in a more sustainable direction, and to clearly communicate the value to society that lies in a more sustainable world to partners, customers and potential colleagues.

    • Upcycling Forum

      We're members of the Upcycling Forum; a meeting place for companies that want to create real sustainable results and solutions. They enable green, sustainable solutions by putting companies in contact with each other and by transforming a sustainable strategy into concrete and relevant solutions and opportunities.

      The entire Upcycling Forum's approach to sustainability, CSR and social responsibility nicely complements our own ambitious goals and the sustainable journey we are on. We are therefore proud to be an active member and join the journey towards a more sustainable furniture industry and world. A change towards something better.

    • Bureau Veritas

      At Bolia, our ambition is to create beautiful furniture that lasts for generations, whether you enjoy them at home, in the workplace, luxury hotels or designer restaurants. That’s why we work with Bureau Veritas – one of the world’s largest and most recognised agencies in the field of inspection, product testing and quality assurance. An agency known for its comprehensive and thorough quality testing and whose name itself is a stamp of quality.