Welcome to Bolia

Welcome to a world of new Scandinavian design inspired by the changing nature that surrounds us. Designs by renowned designers from all over the world and crafted by hand by the most highly skilled cabinetmakers in only the best, most durable materials. Timeless design tailored to you and built to last for generations.

Who are we?

We are a Danish design company that started in 2000. And we're not a traditional design company, but a large family of 800+ passionate creatives who love to challenge the ordinary and explore new ways of living, working and designing. All based on the idea of changing for the better – for ourselves, for each other and for the world we live in.

Our beautiful world is evolving,
and with it, so are we.

In the fluidity of life,
we are becoming more aware
of the amazing opportunities we have,
the choices we make,
and the footprint we leave behind.
Like the nature that surrounds us
we are finding new, exciting ways to grow, to soften the fixed structures that restrain us, to liberate our creativity
and to view our life, our work
and our world with new eyes.

Allowing us to follow our passions,
live by our values,
be exactly who we are,
and love who we want to love.

Inviting us to make a change
towards something better.

Welcome to the ever-changing,
the fluid and the free.

Our creative base is in Denmark

Our international headquarters are located in the heart of the cultural city of Aarhus, in beautiful historic buildings dating back to 1862, which were originally locomotive workshops for the Danish railways. We have restored and furnished this beautiful setting with respect for history and architecture.

With humanity and creativity at its heart, we have created what we call a “workspace revolution”, where individuality, diversity and community are given time to talk and space to work. In these same buildings, we have also merged our headquarters with a Bolia design store, where we test new designs and ideas before they are launched globally. You are always welcome to drop by for a cup of coffee and experience it all yourself if you are in the city.

We have design stores in many cities all over Europe, and every month, all year round, we open two new inspiring stores. Each one is special in its own way and no two are alike, although all of them are in beautiful locations, furnished with respect for the building’s history and the local environment. Meet our design consultants who will guide you through design series, the calm colours, tactile textures and natural materials.

Read more about our store universe

Bolia Professional

At Bolia, we are passionate about creating coherent, calm and luxurious spaces, both in the home, but also in designer restaurants and exclusive hotel lobbies. Our collection aimed at professionals is tested to meet the highest quality standards, and we are therefore proud to be able to provide a 10-year guarantee for every single design.

Meet our CEO

"As well as having a great passion for Scandinavian design and creativity in all its forms, I am also passionate about electronic music, and I have also climbed a number of high mountains around the world. I am grateful for being able to enjoy life with my wife, our three children and two dogs, and my working life with almost a thousand wonderful Bolia colleagues."

If you would like to know more and hear a few of my secrets, you can read a personal interview with me here.

As well as creating beautiful reinterpretations of Scandinavian design, we unleash our creativity in everything from flowers and art to gourmet coffee and electronic music. We work with like-minded people who share our passion for all things beautiful, evocative and vibrant. Discover our Bolia Sofa Sessions with talented DJs, read about our creative collaborations and taste a cup of freshly brewed La Cabra coffee in your local Bolia store as you experience our design universe.