Product claim

If you have been unlucky enough to receive a defective item, please fill out our claim form, which you will find on this page.

Once we have received your claim, we will process it as soon as possible, ref. The Danish Sale of Goods Act, and do our best to remedy the defect. Based on your pictures, we will assess whether the claim is based on a manufacturing or material defect, or if it could be caused by regular wear and tear.

If we assess that the claim is justified, we can usually remedy the defect by supplying replacement parts, repairs or exchanging it.

If the guarantee on the product has expired, or if you have accidentally damaged your Bolia furniture yourself, you are of course also welcome to contact Bolia Customer Services, who will try to remedy the problem at the lowest possible cost to you.

A piece of transport fabric is fitted to the bottom of some Bolia sofas. This material is only there to protect the sofa from dust during transportation. The fabric can easily tear, but this has no significance as it serves no practical function. This will not damage the sofa and is therefore not considered as a complaint.

If, against expectations, you don't agree with our assessment of your claim, you have other options. You can, for example, submit your claim to ODR, Online Dispute Resolution, which is a cross-border European claims portal.

At Bolia, our decisions are, of course, always objective.

If you have any further questions regarding your claim, you are very welcome to call or write to us.

Attach images

Overview photos

Take two photos of the entire product.

Close-up photos

Take 2 photos of the defect close up. Place a measuring tape and/or pen to indicate where you think the defect is.

Transport damage

Take a photo of the packaging and the white label on the outside of the box.