Delivery & return

If you fall out of love with your new furniture, you can return it all within 30 days. Please contact our Customer Services, we`ll be glad to help.

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If an accident or error has occurred and you would like to make a product claim, we are here to help. You can fill out our online claim form, send us a mail together with a description and a couple of pictures or simply just call our Customer Services. We will do our very best to find a quick and fair solution.

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Most of our furniture is delivered fully-assembled. So forget about screws and intimidating assembly instructions - our furniture is ready to use.

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When you purchase a new sofa from us, you may find a small surprise hidden down between the cushions. Right there where you would normally only find lint, old candy, coins or remote controls. Each month we hide 20 gift certificates of a value of DKK 500 in random sofas that we manufacture. If you are lucky enough to find a gift card, this is your new sofa's way of saying thank you for having invited it into your home and to remind you to vacuum the between cushions.