Everything we do stems from curiosity. Curiosity about the world and everything in it. From design, art, architecture and sustainability to music, fashion, gastronomy and coffee. We love exploring new collaboration opportunities with like-minded people, whether it’s creative inspiration for our new collections, sustainable choices, Sofa Sessions with famous DJs, or unique taste experiences that we can offer our customers. Because we believe that we can all help make the world a slightly better place if we share our creativity with one another.

The new Lookbook

This year’s visual expression is inspired by the beautiful and changeable character of nature. By the changing colours and moods of the four Scandinavian seasons, which invite you to experience a world of beautiful designs, in nature’s finest and most durable materials. All produced, tailor-made and perfected by hand. Styled by one of Denmark’s best and most renowned interior stylists, Christine Rudolph, and photographed by acclaimed photographer, Anders Schønnemann. And the paper in our lookbook is, of course, FSC® certified and the total carbon footprint for the production of our new lookbook is calculated by our good friends from MÅLBAR to being less than a regular cheeseburger.

Inspiring spaces

Creating calm, inspiring spaces is about much more than just design and function. It’s all about natural elements, authenticity, aesthetics, tactility and emotions. All based on nature’s exquisite materials, soothing colours and the changing Scandinavian seasons. Explore our different moods, creative spaces and inspiration to create your very own personal sanctuary.

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Curiosity, diversity and creativity are always the starting point of our collaborations. We love to learn new things and be inspired by all kinds of creative thoughts, talents and artists. That’s why we explore the art of coffee with our talented friends from La Cabra, the music in our exclusive mixtapes and sofa sessions, and the design language of the future with budding talent from all over the world for Bolia Design Awards.

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Bolia Sofa Sessions

Music inspires our creativity. It makes our heart beat rhythmically, and we love giving back and supporting talented DJs who are passionate about music – especially the electronic kind. That’s why we produce Sofa Sessions, which inspires both on an acoustic and visual level. Enjoy the beautiful beats from four renowned DJs and immerse yourself in the exclusive lounge atmosphere.

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Design Stories

A creative breathing space on, where thoughts and stories are explored and unfolded. A place where we share everything we love and where you can find both inspiration and information. You can read about everything from designer interviews and our sustainable journey to creative collaborations, inspiring stories, new mixtapes and much more.

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