The Bolia Lookbook

This year’s visual expression is inspired by the beautiful and changeable character of nature. By the changing colours and moods of the four seasons, which invite you to experience a world of beautiful designs, in nature’s finest and most durable materials. All produced, tailor-made and perfected by hand. Styled by the internationally renowned interior stylist, Christine Rudolph, and captured by award-winning photographer, Anders Schønnemann. 

The lookbook is a creative masterpiece that presents our collection from its best side. With beautiful stories of our sustainable journey and our love of craftsmanship, it ties a fine knot around this year’s collection – complete with a beautiful cover that makes it a welcome part of your interior decor. The lookbook is an important part of our store experience, and is designed with the same focus on details and craftsmanship, which are also integral to any design you can find in our stores or here on And the paper in our lookbook is, of course, FSC® certified.

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We are more passionate, conscious and selective consumers than ever before. We seek out quality, craftsmanship and timeless design in our quest for products that will last for many years.

We love clever and sustainable solutions, which is why we have entered into a partnership with the Danish consulting company, Målbar, which has helped us to measure and calculate the climate footprint of our Lookbook.

The lookbook consists exclusively of FSC®-certified paper, and the carbon footprint is less than a cheeseburger. To be exact, 0.96 of an average paper wrapped cheeseburger. For example, the analysis shows that half of the climate footprint comes from paper, while the electricity consumed in production and transport all the way to an average European customer is less than 10% for each one.

A world of design

Take a deep breath and listen to the silence. Wind down and let yourself seek out a slower pace. The tranquil. A place that offers both beauty and peaceful experiences, where small sanctuaries, natural materials and inspiring areas form a soothing backdrop. Discover our collection, presented in a brand-new look and be inspired by a tribute to our design heritage, where we explore tranquil, carefully curated and creative elements.

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