Bolia Sofa Sessions

With a set-up inspired by nature’s beautiful, changing seasons, we've invited four talented DJs to host a musical session, with our sofas forming the aesthetic backdrop and complemented by a musical adventure that unfolds the DJ’s signature sound. Explore a world of evocative electronic music below and immerse yourself in four sessions, each lasting about an hour or so. Whether you need a chilled soundtrack to unwind or a more up-beat session to enjoy in the company of good friends.

In this mix, Tia Turn Tables mixes soulful, jazzy R&B with highline, afrobeats and Neo soul with artists from Denmark, UK, France, Nigeria and USA. She curated the music to create sensual moods that provide a beautiful and loving setting for a date night on the sofa. The mix sets the mood with emotions like anticipation, fear, desire, longing and love.
Immerse yourself in these evocative tones with the one you love and join DJ Tia on a journey through beautiful, intimate feelings, rooted in her very special sound.

DJ DIVO has music in his blood and follows in his legendary father Kenneth Bager’s footsteps in both the calm, Balearic tones and the more uptempo club sounds. Divo also has hidden talent as a producer, who is signed to 'Music for Dreams’ and has had his music played on BBC Radio 1.
Set the scene for a memorable evening with this mix that takes you into a dreamy lounge atmosphere with a fresh burst of festive beats.

PLOY is a Copenhagen-based DJ who is part of the Future Female Sounds collective. She started her journey in Manchester, UK, where she played at parties and exclusive events. Immerse yourself in her dreamy universe, where the tones range from house brimming with Detroit vibes, deep grooves, disco, funk and garage.
Every track has been specially selected with the aim of creating feelings of intimacy and warmth, so you can just sit back and enjoy the exclusive mixtape.

Shaquille’s greatest musical inspiration comes from his parents, who fled South Africa in the late 1970s during apartheid. He grew up listening to their record collection of soul, funk, R&B, jazz, disco and hip hop. These genres have since shaped Shaquille’s versatile sound, which characterises his own diverse music style.
Experience Shaquille’s upbeat Sofa Session and let it become a soundtrack for those late, festive evenings in the best company.

Immerse yourself in meditative tones and take a relaxing break from the hectic world around you. In collaboration with ambient composer Anders Rhedin, we have created a Mindful Sound Bath Session, which exudes deep tones and light, soothing sounds. A guided meditation that takes you into a world of calm where you can seek refuge from chaos of everyday life.