Bolia Sofa Sessions

With a set-up inspired by nature’s beautiful, changing seasons, we've invited four talented DJs to host a musical session, with our sofas forming the aesthetic backdrop and complemented by a musical adventure that unfolds the DJ’s signature sound. Explore a world of evocative electronic music below and immerse yourself in four sessions, each lasting about an hour or so. Whether you need a chilled soundtrack to unwind or a more up-beat session to enjoy in the company of good friends.

Eva Kold’s love of music has evolved over the years, starting from when she discovered her mother’s disco vinyls to when she began exploring the electronic music scene in Copenhagen, to recently when she created her own set-up in her apartment in Nørrebro.

After years of immersion in Copenhagen’s creative subcultures, with a wealth of inspiration from the city’s other DJ scenes, Eva is ready to step into the spotlight and share her own electronic sound. She curates her sets and mixes them with great care, adding little sprinkles of wonder and surprise with continuous shifts in style and tempo.

Sit back and enjoy a beautiful set-up inspired by the Scandinavian springtime and an evocative sound that invites you to a well-deserved break.

Christopher Flip is a Danish DJ and art photographer who has travelled the world for the past 20 years playing major DJ jobs and at fashion shows. His love of delving into music libraries to discover unique or unknown sounds evolved into an eclectic DJ career where no weekends have looked the same for the past two decades. Whether he plays for 25,000 people in Denmark’s national arena, or produces music for China’s biggest fashion show, Flip is known for his signature sound of warm, colourful and rhythmic tones.

DJ Flip’s Sofa Session is a roughly hour-long collection of carefully curated tracks he would love to listen to on a hot summer’s day. Music that's perfect for a bike ride, a day at the beach or a festive evening, with a mix of new, old school, slow, Balearic and a beautiful melodic sound.

In recent years, Bow Miller has made a mark on the Danish and international DJ scene, both as DJ, producer and a third of the collective Angebot. Bow Miller has a clear preference for Organic House, also known as Downtempo and preferably with an oriental twist. He also has a deep love for edits and bootlegs, where he himself is responsible for a handful of more well-known music from e.g. Pink Floyd, Cornelis Vreswijk and Kraftwerk.

Listen to his exclusive Sofa Session, which has a predominantly melancholy and thoughtful vibe. Electronic music that isn't energetic, but that you can listen to when you feel the need to relax and take a break. The heavy slow beats take you on a journey, while you're maybe sitting in a comfy armchair or on a soft sofa, looking out of the window and enjoying the cosy and slightly sombre autumn atmosphere.

Despite her tender age, Esther Urioste is experienced on the Danish DJ scene. Since the beginning, her music and DJ experience have been created through experiences – especially her trips to Ibiza. She's a bit of a multi-genre DJ, but mostly focuses on House and Minimal Tech House. As well as warming up for another talented musician, Charlotte De Witte, Esther has played on radio programmes and had countless gigs at both large and small locations, especially in her hometown, Copenhagen.

Immerse yourself in a Sofa Session, inspired by the evocative Scandinavian winter that takes you on a journey through melodic beats, which emphasise the strength of minimalism, while creating a subtle party buzz. A journey full of slow, harmonious changes and beautiful, hand-picked tracks.