Creative collabs

Everything we do starts with a curious mind. All the way from how our collections come to life, to the good people we team up with along the way. We love building new creative constellations with like-minded friends from the world of design, art, fashion, music, fine dining and architecture. Because we believe that sharing creativity will make our world an even better and more fun place to live.

We have made a furniture collection together with the urban fashion brand, Soulland. We have explored creativity and produced music videos together with the multi-talented artist and composer Oh Land. We have supported upcoming artists through collaboration with HEIMA art refuge in Iceland, and we have even climbed Mount Everest together with Danish mountaineer Jakob Urth, to see the world from a fresh new perspective.   

Lemus x Bolia

The Danish designer, Michael H. Nielsen, is behind the Luxe series, which includes the Luxe Soundsystem. The design is the result of a creative collaboration with the sound engineers, Lemus, who have created an award-winning and integrated sound with well-thought-out functions that match the highest HiFi quality in an aesthetic profile.

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The modern workspace is about creating inspiring spaces to work, combining work and private life and about new ways of working, About flexibility, individuality and freedom within a respectful and open work culture. It’s about loosening up stationary structures and encouraging creativity and teamwork.

We have developed a professional collection of designs for workspace, hospitality and restaurants and are proud to have teamed up with our friends from Steelcase, the world´s largest office furniture dealer. The Bolia professional collection complements Steelcase’s broad portfolio, offering exciting design options born out of the Scandinavian roots, distributed by the largest dealer network in the industry. Together Steelcase and Bolia are on a global journey to transform office landscapes into creative, inspiring places.

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    • Heima Art x Bolia

      At Bolia we renew, redefine and challenge ourselves at all times. We constantly seek new adventures and new creative constellations. Teaming up with all kinds of different creative players enables us to rethink and innovate on design ideas.

    • Soulland x Bolia

      Together with the Danish fashion brand Soulland, we have blurred and challenged the boundaries of classic furniture design. You can experience the result in a small limited edition collection that offers unconventional material choices, informal shapes and creative ideas.

    • Jakob Urth x Bolia

      We design furniture, but we're much more than just a traditional furniture design company. Creativity and individuality are the starting point for all our adventures. This not only applies to our furniture design process, but also when we throw ourselves into new, challenging projects. And in 2018, we've taken our creative partnerships to new heights – quite literally.