Sharing Creativity

Curiosity, diversity and creativity are always the starting point of our collaborations. We love to learn new things and be inspired by all kinds of creative thoughts, talents and artists. That’s why we explore the art of coffee with our talented friends from La Cabra, the music in our exclusive mixtapes and sofa sessions, and the design language of the future with budding talent from all over the world for Bolia Design Awards.

Delve into our creative universe, be inspired and make it your own.

Bolia Design Awards

Since 2007, we've paid tribute to new talent with Bolia Design Awards. With the focus on sustainable, innovative and creative solutions, every year we look for your best ideas on what the future of design will look like. At the forefront are three very special awards, presented in collaboration with the professional jury – First Place, Sustainability Prize and Customer Prize.

La Cabra Coffee

Collaboration comes in many different forms. For example, we are on a fantastic journey with the world-famous La Cabra Coffee. First-class coffee roasters who share our passion and Scandinavian sensitivity. They create quality coffee with good craftsmanship, and like us, they refine, develop and innovate until the result is nothing less than perfect. Together we have launched a sustainable coffee concept and are serving the delicious results in our stores all over Europe. So for the sake of good taste: Drop by our stores and enjoy a quiet and reflective walk around our inspiring spaces – with a delicious cup of freshly brewed organic coffee in your hand.

Bolia Sofa Sessions

Music inspires our creativity. It makes our heart beat rhythmically, and we love giving back and supporting talented DJs who are passionate about music – especially the electronic kind. That’s why we produce Sofa Sessions, which inspires both on an acoustic and visual level. Enjoy the beautiful beats from four renowned DJs and immerse yourself in the exclusive lounge atmosphere.


Just like the world around us, professional workspaces are undergoing rapid changes. This allows us to create inspiring, flexible and healthy spaces and workplaces. With people at the centre and all over the world – so we can make the working day more inspiring, fun and productive.

We have created a professional collection of designs for offices, hotels and restaurants and are proud of our collaboration with our friends from Steelcase, the world's largest retailer of office furniture. Bolia's professional collection complements Steelcase's wide range of exciting design possibilities with Scandinavian roots, which are distributed by the industry's largest dealer network. Steelcase and Bolia have a common mission to transform office landscapes around the world into creative, inspiring places.

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Lemus x Bolia

The Danish designer Michael H. Nielsen is behind the Bolia Luxe series, which includes the Luxe Soundsystem. The design is the result of a creative collaboration with the sound engineers, Lemus, who have created an award-winning and integrated sound with well-thought-out functions that match the highest HiFi quality in an aesthetic profile.

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    • Bolia Mixtapes on SoundCloud

      Music is one of our greatest sources of inspiration, and our hearts beat to the rhythm. Especially the electronic type. That’s why we work with talented DJs to create our very own Bolia sound that plays on the stores’ speakers and lives on Soundcloud. A vibrant sound backdrop of fresh beats that you can experience in our exclusive Bolia mixtapes on Soundcloud.

    • Bolia Playlists on Spotify

      We’ve curated playlists with our favourite tracks on Spotify that you can stream and enjoy. You’ll find our six playlists for six different moods, which we’ve called: Spaced Out, The Chilled Room, Pre-party, Deep Down Inside, Slightly Darker and Home of Homies.


    Sustainable partnerships

    We work actively with quality and sustainable processes, and invest in new, sustainable materials, just as we invest in new talents within our industry. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a wide range of experts in sustainable development who can help us improve.