Made in Denmark 2019

Her vil Signe finde på en sprød tekst, der roser besøgende for at holde en pause med golfkøllerne længe nok til at tilmelde sig. Nu de alligevel er på siden kan de så forelske sig i lækre, kuraterede kollektioner, imens vi sniger en dejlig cookie ind i deres digitale kagedåse.

We have entered a new chapter. This year we are blurring the lines between design, art, fashion and music. We are re-thinking the way we define New Scandinavian Design and how we visualize our identity and the stuff we feel so passionate about. We are setting the bars for individuality even higher when we take our caption; No One Lives Like You to new, creative standards together with Danish multi talent Oh Land.


A modern workspace is more and more about combining work and private life. About flexibility and freedom within a tolerant and open workspace. It’s about losing up stationary structures, about creativity and about individuality.


The global office furniture giant, Steelcase offers an exclusive curated collection of Bolia designs, including sofas, armchairs and tables, to customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Bolia collection complements Steelcase’s broad portfolio, offering exciting design options born out of the Scandinavian roots, distributed by the largest dealer network in the industry. Together Steelcase and Bolia are on a journey to transform office landscapes into creative, inspiring places.

    • Bolia x Soulland

      Together with the Danish fashion brand Soulland, we have blurred and challenged the boundaries of classic furniture design. You can experience the result in a small limited edition collection that offers unconventional material choices, informal shapes and creative ideas.

    • Fabric by Bolia

      Set your expectations sky high with the new Clouds fabric by Bolia. Look, feel, and touch and you’ll be able to tell that the designer Joa Herrenknecht has been deeply inspired by the characteristic Nordic landscape, the roaring ocean and the pure light that can’t be found anywhere else. Clouds is produced by Guldbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik founded in Norway in 1887, one of the last traditional wool weaving companies in Scandinavia. Here the wool is prepared, dyed and woven to perfection in order to give you the very best of the amazing North, right in your living room.

    At Bolia our hearts beat to the rhythm. Especially the electronic kind. It is one of our favourite sources of inspiration. That’s why we produce exclusive Deep House mixes, play them in our stores and share them with you on You can even find all our favourite tracks and curated playlists on Spotify.

    All our furniture designs come in different materials, fabrics and colours and are tailor-made just for you