Sofa Sessions

At Bolia our hearts beat to the rhythm. Especially the electronic kind. It is one of our favourite sources of inspiration. That’s why we produce exclusive Deep House mixes, play them in our stores and share them with you on Soundcloud. You can even find all our favourite tracks and curated playlists on Spotify. This year we also invited a handful of top-notch DJs to perform live in our new Bolia sofa sessions. So listen up and fall in love.

Katrine Ring is a DJ, producer, composer, documentarist and music journalist. Just like Katrine's career spans widely, her music preferences do so too. Katrine loves sound for the sake of sound and is completely uninterested in genres. Just like us. Katrine is one of the few dj's worldwide who specializes in classical music. As a composer, Katrine mixes genres and creates a playful music universe that embraces classical tones, electronic vibes and heartfelt jazz. 

For NILU it’s always been about music. With passion for music, he combines many different genres, and you're always sure to get a surprise when listening to his sets. After just a few years as dj, NILU, based in Copenhagen, has played, not only at the biggest clubs in Denmark but also on the very big scene like Trump Room in Tokyo, Sankeys on Ibiza, Golden Gate in Berlin and White Night in Moldova - just to name a few.

For more than 30 years, Anders Midtgaard has been a solid rock within the dj’ing scene. Anders is one of the few remaining vinyl dj’s and you should look forward to experiencing a special set with depth and organic items from his personal record collection. Midtgaard spins records that are timeless and always add a little hint of love to his music. Just like us..

The electro dj, Palma Lova is more than just your average dj. She is the founder of God Goes Deep - one of the most spectacular church events in Copenhagen, where electronic beats and the lofty spiritual space goes perfectly hand in hand. Palma herself represents a soulful electronic style with poems to classical compositions. Palma Lova has a story to tell. Enjoy her original Sofa Session right here. 

Lean back and relax in your soft sofa, put your feet up and enjoy, because here's a DJ set by the award-winning musician and radio host Mikael Simpson.

Mikael's appearances as a disc jockey are few and far between, but when he does, he's always accompanied by his trusty backpack brimming with his private vinyl collection. 

Behind CANVAS you will find, two brothers from the west coast of Sweden, with a background in hardcore bands, sneakers and skateboarding. Their collab is an electronic and soulful project, a sense of Scandinavian melancholy spread across every beat.

Rosa Lux is one of the hottest DJs out of Copenhagen. She is also a talented keyboard player and an award winning songwriter. Her style is a smooth blend of ambient, tech and house.

London based Chris Coco has been working as a DJ since the acid house explosion of the late 80s. He has edited DJ magazine, worked for BBC Radio 1 and made artist albums for Warp and Distinctive Records. His music has appeared on many compilations including Cafe Del Mar and Hotel Costes and been featured in Sex And The City and many other TV shows.

Copenhagen based Simon Dokkedal is a multitalented DJ and one half of “Den Sorte Skole”; a Danish project creating music in new ways. Besides being a great musician Simon is also a gifted photographer.