Leather care

In Bolia, we only use traceable leather variants to ensure quality and transparency. Our leather comes from European cattle and is of the highest quality, and every single piece is meticulously checked for defects, pressure marks and other defects, which ensure that the furniture you take home is of the highest quality.

Please note that when you start using your new furniture, the leather will seem relatively tight. As it is a stretchy, natural material, the leather will expand with use and leave small, natural folds. This will typically happen within the first month, depending on how much you use your furniture. The leather will subsequently expand to a lesser extent.

Care and maintenance of leather

Always start by protecting your furniture with a proper care product, regardless of the leather variant your furniture is covered in.

For Quattro Traceable leather, we recommend Bolia Leather Protection Creme, while for Austin nubuck we recommend Bolia Leather Protection Spray. Quattro leather is a surface-treated, semi-aniline leather, while Austin nubuck is not surface-treated, and therefore different care products must be used. In the cold and dry winter months, more intensive care is a good idea to maintain the natural glow and elasticity of the leather.

We always recommend that you talk to store staff before buying furniture with leather upholstery. For example, Austin is more light sensitive and will therefore change colour depending on how much light the cover is exposed to.

Leather is generally affected by the room it is in, and therefore heat, cold and light are important considerations. In turn, leather will stay soft and beautiful almost forever if you treat it with plenty of love and proper care.

Cleaning your leather furniture

We recommend using a care product 2-4 times a year. Care products will both soften and protect the leather. In addition, we recommend daily wiping with lint-free cotton cloth, which is well wrung in demineralised water.

Grease and liquid break down leather in the same way it breaks down fabric. Avoid spilling or dropping crumbs that contain greasy liquid or food. Never use washing up liquid, sulfo, solvents or other detergents on leather. You should also pay special attention to your favourite places on your leather furniture. These need extra love, attention and care.