The new collection

We believe that when we surround ourselves with lovely objects and beauty, we create a space where both our eyes and mind can find rest. And for us, nature is the biggest source of inspiration and tranquility. That's why the spring collection offers new designs for outdoor use and invites nature inside a homely setting. So that you can create green breathing spaces and small sanctuaries with nature as the focal point.

Orlando Outdoor is a beautiful fusion of function and aesthetics, resulting in a sofa where the cushion design allows water to run directly off it and dry in just a few hours, and a frame that's made of grey-coated stainless steel to avoid rusting. Add the accompanying stone slab that is designed to fit the size of the modules perfectly, and you have an aesthetic tray for your coffee cup or wine glass.

Calm Series

Designed by Ferriani Sbolgi

Calm is a series of poufs useable for the outdoors, but suitable for indoors too. The beautiful traces resembling sand or waves, create a quiet sanctuary while adding an intriguing and still soothing expression to your décor. Calm is filled with quickly drying filling allowing the design to dry up within a few hours, making the pouf a perfect addition to any outdoor – or indoor – space.

Donut is a rechargeable outdoor lamp designed by Michael H. Nielsen. This elegant design is inspired by the shape of the famous American pastry, and the thought behind it was to create a sustainable lamp with a clear function and practical aesthetic. Donut can be turned on and off with a single quick movement and provides up to 24 hours of light when fully charged.

Minimalistic notes enhanced by quality craftsmanship and durable elements. The Italian design studio Ferriani Sbolgi has created the Sling series with a clear purpose. The series has been developed for outdoor use, which is manifested in the elegant recliner that uses simple means to appeal to both comfort and aesthetics. The back can be adjusted to your liking, and the appearance can be changed depending on your choice of colour. The matching table completes the look.


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