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Soft, comfortable surfaces and design language, new features and consistent Scandinavian silhouettes. In our new spring collection, we introduce several new sofas and armchairs. Discover them all below and read what gives each design a unique quality.

Aya is a series of beautiful sofas and poufs, which all share the same luxurious and bohemian expression. Says Who, who are behind Aya, have designed the series with the objective of combining a luxurious design language with artistic freedom and sustainable craftsmanship. As a result, Aya's upholstery is removable and the seat cushions and back cushions have a meticulous and embracing quality. An interaction between comfort, durability and aesthetics elevates the sofa to an iconic status.

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Soil is a flat-woven soft fabric made from 60% recycled bottles and is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified. A strong and durable fabric with a sustainable outset. The soft expression and feel to Soil will only grow over time, and a subtle woolly expression will undoubtable emerge. This fluffy, soft look and feel is due to the finish and dying of the face side, and the brushing, which all create the distinctive exterior and tactility that makes Soil a luxurious and mindful fabric. This woolly feel can in time result in pilling, which you can remove.

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Pira sofa beds

Pira is an elegant, almost sculptural range of sofa beds and matching poufs designed by German designer Joa Herrenknecht. Designed with the idea of creating a functional sofa bed with an aesthetic profile that looks nothing like your standard sofa bed. Instead, the features are cleverly hidden, but still instinctively intuitive – such as the hidden storage compartment in the pouffe and chaise longue modules – not to mention comfort that exceeds most expectations.

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Clara's design was inspired by the penguin. The inspiration is particularly evident in the slim armrests, which resemble a penguin’s wings and have an embracing look. A graceful and interesting armchair with exceptional comfort, an effortless tilting function and a smart swivel function, which ensure the chair follows you in elegant style.

Sepia Sofa series

Sepia is a range of sofas and pouffes designed by Danish design duo Glismand & Rüdiger with a richly detailed exterior and a soft, inviting profile. The seat depth gives the sofa a lounge-like character, which is accentuated by the upholstered armrests, seat cushions and back cushions that provide the softest possible experience. The seat cushions are reversible, which facilitates cleaning and extends lifespan, and are placed on a slightly sloping base that keeps the cushions in place. A thoroughly classic yet modern sofa range.


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