Invitation from nature

the spring collection is here

Welcome to a light and sensual spring look, inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian nature that surrounds us and designed to meet all your hopes and dreams for spring. With excellent craftsmanship, durable materials and tailor-made design.

Behind the scenes

While most of Europe was still in the grip of a cold and frosty winter, we went to beautiful Puglia in Italy to shoot the spring collection. And it always makes sense to collaborate with others when exploring creative ideas and inspiring streams of thought – that’s why Uncle Grey, The Lab Cph and our talented stylist Christine Rudolph always come with us. A peek behind the scenes

The designers behind the collection

We work closely with designers from all over the world – from emerging new talent to large, prestigious design studios. Skilled, creative minds with a deep passion for durable materials, sustainable development and making designs that last.

An invitation from nature

Just like that, spring bursts forth. In colours that we’ve been longing for and full of flowering life and warm rays of sunshine. A fresh and inspiring energy that calls us into a green world and brings nature indoors. Our spring collection offers a light and sensual world that brings you closer to the outdoors and all your hopes and dreams for spring. With excellent craftsmanship, durable materials and tailor-made design.

New sofas & armchairs


Bowie is an armchair that offers exceptional comfort, created by some of Europe’s most skilled cabinetmakers. Designed by Italian Skrivo and inspired by the Scandinavian mid-century classics. Beautiful craftsmanship, made from solid, FSC®-certified oak with an upholstered seat in your choice of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®-certified furniture fabrics.

Discover the Bowie armchair

Soft tactility and design created in beautiful Scandinavian craftsmanship. Our new collection introduces several new armchairs and sofa modules that give you even more freedom to customise your sofa.

New coffee tables

With beautiful materials such as solid oak, vibrated concrete and Italian marble, we are introducing several new and beautiful coffee tables and new versions of our classics. See them all below.


New arrivals for the dining room

Our new spring collection includes new, beautiful dining tables and dining chairs, as well as updates of well-known designs, all made from durable materials in a handmade quality.


We believe that when we surround ourselves with beauty, air and nature, we let our minds find peace. And for us, nature is the biggest source of inspiration and tranquility. With our Outdoor Collection, you can set the scene for a vibrant outdoor life with sofas, tables, pouffes, chairs, pots and lighting that can be combined in any way you like. Designed with comfort, tactility and craftsmanship in mind.

The Outdoor Collection

New arrivals for the outdoors

We have expanded our Outdoor Collection so that you can now design an even more cohesive outdoor space with the most beautiful setting for summer days with dinners, parties and relaxation.


Bring in the greenery

Inspired by the vibrant Scandinavian seasons, we always try to recreate the special feeling of tranquillity and closeness you experience in nature. Create fresh, floral moments in your home decor with green plants in pots and flower bouquets in vases.

New storage furniture

Add more space and tranquillity to your interior with the right storage. With the new Neutra system and additions to some of our best storage series, your home will be easy to organise. Discover new storage furniture here.


Tailor-made storage that fits perfectly into any interior. Neutra is a flexible and minimalist shelving system designed by Spanish Arnau Reyna Studio, inspired by Richard Neutra’s functionalist architecture. Made to last in combinable modules, giving you the freedom to design a shelving unit exactly as you want it to be.

Discover the Neutra shelving system

New arrivals for the office

Discover our home office-focused collection and create a space that fits every facet of life. Introducing the comfortable Seed desk chair and smart storage.


New lamps

New lamp designs in the spring collection include the brand new Acorn series and several other new additions to our lamp series, including a completely new size in the Campa series.


New arrivals in the Soft Collection

Inspired by the calming tones of Scandinavian nature, and created in the softest cotton and linen – naturally certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Explore the tactile new arrivals in our Soft Collection. Dive into the new textiles in our Soft Collection.


New arrivals for the bedroom

Our beautiful and soft Soft Collection has been expanded with a new beautiful colour. Discover it here and check out our new sideboards and mirrors, as well as irresistibly soft woollen throws that lift your bedroom.


New rugs

All our rugs are Care & Fair-labelled and hand-woven in the best materials.


New accessories

Tactile rugs in irresistibly soft wool, practical storage in natural materials and new additions to our Soft Collection. Explore all new accessories below.


New arrivals in the Professional Collection

Our professional collection features beautiful designs in durable and safe materials to complete any room. Discover new designs in the series here.


Our collection is created by hand in only the best materials, and each design comes with a 10-year guarantee. Solid, FSC®-certified wood, Italian marble and natural stone, ceramics, stainless steel and hand-woven paper string. Upholstered in 100% traceable leather and tactile upholstery fabrics such as natural linen, soft bouclé, wool and velour – all certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Several of our outdoor tables are designed with a table top in vibrated concrete - a type of concrete that is normally used for tiles and which is produced in Denmark. As well as being extremely durable, the concrete has a very special aesthetic quality. It has a completely smooth surface with a beautiful matt finish and can be coloured in our beautiful colour tones.

Our leather variants, which you can choose from when designing your dream sofa, daybed or armchair, are 100% traceable and LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® certified. This is your guarantee that the leather doesn't contain substances that are harmful to health. Independent institutes test the leather, and the limit values are often stricter than current European and international regulations – the result is therefore leather and textiles that are completely safe for human health.

Did you know that all our rugs are Care & Fair-labelled? Since 1994, the Care & Fair organisation has ensured responsible working conditions for carpet weavers in India and Nepal in particular. This helps keep the proud traditional craftsmanship alive, while also giving weavers and their families access to schooling, healthcare and adult education, and therefore the opportunity to develop their local communities and ensure equal opportunities.

The nature around us is our biggest source of inspiration - the colours, shades, tactile materials and the sensual tranquillity you only get in nature. With nature as the focal point and source of inspiration, every single design draws nature inside – a fresh, minimalist look with crisp green and beige colours and soft textures offset by natural stones and oak to create understated luxury.

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With a set-up inspired by the changing seasons, we have invited four talented DJs to host their own musical session. Explore a world of evocative electronic music and experience DJ Eva Kold’s beautiful sound landscape inspired by spring, which invites you to take a well-deserved break.

Experience DJ Eva Kold x Bolia


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