A touch of black

A touch of black

Sophisticated. Dramatic. Edgy. Elegant. Looking for that luxurious feeling in interior design, black is the eligible colour to turn to. Black brings in both gloominess and brightness, is both elegant and daring, and it makes every room catch the eye. In interior design there is no single truth, however lots and lots of decorating rules. One is that every room can use a touch of black, if you are bold enough to give it a chance.

This season does not deny the power of the colour black. Why not give in to the modern and lavishing feeling and let Black Friday inspire your interior design?

Black is elegance at its core. Are you looking for a way to bring a sophisticated look to the room, a grandeur touch, and a feeling of nobility, black is the colour to choose. It creates a unique elegance that is both stunning and calm. A voluminous and soft sofa is perfectly matched with golden accessories, marble furniture, a gleaming lamp and luscious cushions. For a dash of masculinity add black wooden chairs that bring an industrial feeling and a sharp edge to the interior.

Arty, graphical and something that is definitely eye-catching. Black is multifaceted and unavoidable whenever you are looking to heighten the creativity of your home. Edginess rises when you are courageous enough to let black be the primary colour of the room. Match with graphical prints, areas of bright colours and daring designs and your home is modern with an edgy touch. Add a statement design that demands attention and continue the journey with inspiring wallpaper and different shades of black for that dramatic effect that will cause nothing but admiring and longing glances.

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