Be a Good Houseguest

Be a Good Houseguest

Summer holiday is upon us; soon we will explore the world. When travelling, being able to stay with friends or family can be way more fun than putting up in a hotel. I always rely on my amazing friends when I travel; they are always so welcoming, letting me stay with them. And, let’s face it – it helps us save a good few bucks too. However, being an ideal houseguest can be tricky business. Here are some houseguest etiquette tips to help ensure that you will be invited back again.

Bring a gift
This one is really a no-brainer, it goes without saying. Always bring a gift, again, you safe a hell of a lot of money, so at least bring a super nice gift. An idea could be to bring something special from your home country, and as we are a country full of great Danish design, bring some cool design. No matter where you will travel, Danish design will be appreciated.

Enquire about the house rules
If you haven’t stayed with your host before, ask for a ‘tour’ around the house upon arrival, and get familiar with the simple things, such as whether you should take off your shoes at the door and how to work the washing machine.

Buy/bring your own
Remember you are not staying at a hotel, so you bring you own stuff; this applies to things such as toiletries and groceries. Before you leave home, you should always ask, if you need to bring towels and bed linen. Just ask your host, where the supermarket is to get yourself stocked if you don’t bring everything from home.

Leave no trace
Make a note of the state of your room or the house upon arrival. Tidy up after yourself; leave the place as clean as possible and return everything to its original position when it’s time to leave. I am sure you hate to clean up after others, just as much as I (or your mom) do.

Thank your host
It is always good idea to leave a little something as you leave, make a little a personalised thank you note, and maybe you have noticed something your host is missing or you stumbled over a nice bottle of wine or a beautiful frame during your visit. Of course, if you have the space, reciprocate and invite your host and his/her family over to your place if they decide to visit!

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