Beautiful design in a concept store

Beautiful design in a concept store

Welcome to a world of design. A world inspired by the vivid Scandinavian nature inviting you to slow down and experience beautiful designs - all crafted, tailored and perfected by hand. Every Bolia space is a calming little sanctuary for you to feel at home in. A place where you can sit back, relax, rewind, reconnect with nature and close the door to the fast-paced world behind you. Welcome inside.


Nature serves as main source of inspiration, and we’re continually creating small breathing spaces and green sceneries that foster creativity, calmness and serenity. All in small beautiful hubs that we call our stores. Each Bolia space is a subtle homage to the culture, the origin of the building and the beautiful surroundings they live in. And every city and store have a story to tell, and we invite you to explore, discover and experience our world of design for yourself in your own city and in your own pace.

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When walking through the store, you will find the Design Atelier – a creative space that lets you discover and explore different moods, inspirations and opportunities. And with curated moods and personal guidance, we will help you navigate the different choices, so you can customise and create your own silent retreat. 


All different moods are catered for and to your needs with guidance on colour-schemes, tailor-made designs and sustainable choices. The Design Atelier is your creative playground where we invite you to become the architect of your own story – and home.


The Design Atelier is presented in 35 stores in Europe and showcased on serving as your visual guiding principle and aesthetic framework. Explore the moods and discover which mood you’re drawn to and find the right furniture fit for you.

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