Colour splash & new mix

Colour splash & new mix

Colours, textiles and an eclectic mix of everything. This is just an indication of what the major trends this season have in store for us. We'll be seeing experimental designs with patterns, shapes and rich colours like red, pink, burnt yellow and deep blue. These new colours create a new look for our homes, making a strong contrast to the classic Scandinavian minimalism that our interior design has been centred around over recent years. Inspiration for the new mix is to be found in an artistic fusion, where different ethnic cultures are brought together, resulting in a new and exciting direction in our homes.

Pink is one of this season's key colours, inspiring and influencing both fashion and interior design trends.The colour scale ranges from delicate pastels to shocking pink and crisp red, or together in a tonal composition, as with the Bolia Prop Up armchair in red-stained oak. The red tones create warmth, as well as giving a luxurious boost to your home. If you don't feel bold enough to throw yourself head first into the shocking pink trend, start tentatively with some pale pink candles, vases and other stylish details.

Basic living with a splash of burnt yellow. There's no escaping the colour yellow, which has made a strong comeback in the interior and design scene. The yellow colour makes a lovely contrast against the various wood types, and is an easy way for us to add a dash of warmth to our surroundings. Go full-on with a fabulous curry-yellow velvet sofa, or keep the look simpler by using accessories like cushions, rugs, blankets and armchairs in decorative textiles and weaves. Burnt yellow goes particularly well with sandy tones, nude nuances and bright brown colours. 

Blue tones work as a lovely and natural extension of our Scandinavian homes. The deep, dark colour creates harmony, at the same time as it gives a cool, modern expression. The distinctive and intense colour is particularly inspired by violet and burgundy. Conversely, the light blue tone creates an impression of peace and tranquillity, bringing to mind the notion of clean living. Furnish your home in different tones of blue, using ceramics and textiles in the form of rugs and cushions. If you'd like blue to play a more extravagant and prominent role in your home, choose a voluminous Cloud armchair or sofa in deep blue velvet.  

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