Colours of Spring

Colours of Spring

Subdued sunshine. Dandelion sweetness. Spring got us wrapped around its little finger and we can’t wait for the weather to clear up, for those warm rays of sunshine to kiss our skin and for summer to make its entrance. So, we bring in the sense of spring. Into our homes. Into our lives. We welcome the pleasantness of pastels and satisfy our summer longings with the ultimate colour of spring.

A liveable colour trend. Let the bright colour of spring be the star of the room. The colour of intellect and optimism lets a sparkly, cheerful light shine upon your home. Yellow décor isn’t as risky as you would think, on the contrary, it creates a welcoming atmosphere and is as multifaceted as any other Pantone shade. From marigold to the shades of French mustard and the light, summery colour of lemon yellow. Perfect mixed with creamy nuances, brass or opposed to current metallic and minimalistic interior trends.

Bright pink-hued interior, light and bubbly blue textiles and warm peachy shades welcome the new season. Let delicate ice cream colours surround you and allow beautiful pastel shades to move in and make every day a resemblance of those stunning days of summer. The sugared colours are just as powerful as they are pretty and they bring an instant warm and cordial feeling to your home. Dazzling pastels are much more than just adorable. They are indisputable the colours of the new season.

1. Pica table lamp / 2. Fuuga 3-seater sofa / 3. Pallone vase / 4. Bianca cushion  / 5. Container bowl

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